Brooklyn Rocks with Toranavox


Toranavox ReviewNew York is known as the first melting pot. Ellis Island was the first stop when people started to head here in massive amounts, and over the years it’s transformed into another sort of pot that has a lot of musical ingredients. From hip hip to hipsters, to the rock and roll of Toranavox, New York has it all. “Hello” has this almost tribal meets futuristic vibe going on. No, that’s exactly what it sounds like. The wailing has this animalistic feel as it’s wild, but then the structure of the music makes it seem like it’s coming from you from a space station in a sci-fi movie. With “Blow” we have a heavier introduction and overall feel. Heads will be banging, that’s for sure. The energy here will make listeners think they’re at Ozzfest. Lastly, “Freedom” is the calmest of the three, but not by much. The exclamation of the title throughout has a very strong sense of power and makes you take notice every time. If you’re a fan of rock and roll that packs a punch, check out Brooklyn’s Toranavox today. (

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