Bullyheart drops CD


Bullyheart drops CD


Bullyheart is musician Holly Long’s new project. The premier album “ANTIGRAVITY” is a raw-edged record, sounding urgent & alive on first listen. All pieces of the whole that make up Bullyheart’s unique and yet familiar howl. Over the past two years, deep in the den alongside her fellow feral musical beasts, David Boucher and Kevin Harp, Holly birthed a home for the Bullyheart voice within the project, “ANTIGRAVITY” paying homage to her love and appreciation for early 80’s rock and roll. The CD instantly hits you in the face with ANTIGRAVITY, a track for the books, seriously, with a vocal performance that leaves the rest a puddle of gravy before it’s even heard. Wow, this is as good as they used to get, with all the bells and whistles. I’ve never heard Holly but it has me wondering where she’s been all my life. This is one great vocalist, no fooling whatsoever. It’s all there, the delivery, vibrato, attitude, etc… Pure moxie! Track 2, Thin Air is just as good in its own right, making for another original track of absolute perfection, going two for two so far. But on track 3 it gets less original, as does it on two or three more tracks. But they’re generously balanced in the right places, which keeps them from denting what is otherwise is a product fully on the up and up. On How Was I To Know the whole band clearly display their country side with an almost gospel style ballad. This is brilliant there is no other word for it, a complete masterstroke. These guys can compete with anyone on the rock market, as well as pop and even country if you slice it that thin. You will love her voice most especially on The Pendulum. With tracks like Lost My Nerve and Stay, it goes into more deep territory and seals the deal for this reviewer, with their brutal yet melancholy blend. These are all fine tracks with not one below the other, by a band to watch for, which I will be doing as the ball keeps bouncing with the likes of Panic Attack and the rest.

JANGO: http://www.jango.com/music/Holly+Long?l=0

SP Clarke

Score: 10/10