California Dreaming: Hip-Hop’s Biggest Summer Compilation Project

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Los Angeles, California — VaughnBornFamous, known for his innovative approach to music, is set to kick off the summer in style with his much-anticipated 2024 project, ‘California Dreaming’. This ambitious compilation involves a collaboration of over 15 talented producers and artists from diverse corners of the world, promising a vibrant mix of sounds and creativity. Scheduled for release on July 5th, 2024 the project not only serves as a compilation but also as the soundtrack to the summer short film ‘In the Mix’ that was directed by VaughnBornFamous.

‘California Dreaming’ transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together artists like Labeto from South Africa, Tidow Beats from Germany, and Deitrich Johnson representing Kentucky. While the title may suggest a Californian vibe, VaughnBornFamous ensures that this project resonates with audiences worldwide through its diverse musical influences and thematic depth. At the helm of the project are the Beat Bros, a dynamic producer duo whose expertise shines through in crafting captivating tracks that feature both established superstars and rising talents. Their collaboration with VaughnBornFamous promises a harmonious blend of styles that will captivate listeners.

In addition to the new tracks  on the project like “Rich Boys”, “Sauce” and “Winning” three music videos are set to accompany the project, with ‘BLACK Hollywood’ paving the way for the grand release on June 28, followed by a succession of visual delights on July 5. Fans can anticipate a visual extravaganza that complements the sonic journey curated by VaughnBornFamous and his eclectic circle of collaborators.

“I wanted to put all the talented artists I know closely on a project we could all relate to. California Dreaming is the daydream I kept to keep me going. I knew success and palm trees were in my future when I had nothing but a dream.” – VaughnBornFamous

VaughnBornFamous is poised to make a significant impact with ‘California Dreaming’. By embracing cultural influences and weaving together a tapestry of sounds, the project sets itself apart as a unique contribution to the music industry, promising a refreshing take on the essence of summertime vibes.

Looking ahead, ‘California Dreaming’ not only marks a milestone in Born Famous’s career but also hints at the exciting prospects that lie on the horizon. As he continues to push boundaries and explore new creative avenues, the project serves as a testament to his evolving artistry and enduring passion for making music and films that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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‘California Dreaming’ represents a fusion of creativity, diversity, and global collaboration that underscores VaughnBornFamous’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of music and storytelling. With its eclectic lineup of artists, thematic depth, and visual accompaniments, the project promises an immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression on audiences. As the release date approaches, the excitement builds for what promises to be a groundbreaking musical journey that transcends borders and genres.

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VaughnBornFamous or Born Famous is an American singer, and songwriter. His dynamic verbal cadence, catchy hooks, and introspective songwriting has regarded him as Pop- Rocks newest sensation and a pillar in the multi-genre industry. Fame’s discography explores stories, styles, and flows that are unconventional to modern Pop, Hip-hop, and RnB. Most songs are inspired by his personal life with topics like Loss, Love, Stardom, Party Life, and Struggle. Born and Raised in New Jersey/ New York, BornFamous began his career under the stage name Vaughn with a debut mixtape series called Natural Born Sinner which gave him much prowess over his city and the push needed for his music career. In 2021 he switched genres and released “Drifter” for the world which was an enormous success, he yielded his first single on the US Billboard Hot 100 and Apple Music Top 50. He then went on to release his first studio projects and series which caught hearts and made him Pop-Rocks next thing. In 2022, he surpassed 10 million combined streams on his music and has a single “Bad” featuring JXDN which is one of the most popular punk songs of the year on Apple Music. He did this independently under his founded record label, Born Famous Records/ Magnolia.


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