Capo2G Delivers Hip Hop With Afrobeats On New Single “HAAIA”

Capo2G Delivers Hip Hop With Afrobeats On New Single “HAAIA”

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New Single & Video Out Now


Las Vegas, Nevada – October 8, 2019 – In a time where every genre is borrowing from Afrobeats, Capo2G is taking his birthright as an African artist and pushing through the crowd by taking what he’s known all along and effortlessly blending it with hip hop on hit records like “Pull Up” featuring Kirko Bangz and his latest single, “HAAIA.”

“HAAIA” is the latest from the Afrobeats/hip hop artist known as Capo2G. Meaning Hottest African Artist in America, the video for “HAAIA” is as eye-catching as the artist himself. Vibrant, energetic and full of color, “HAAIA” is not only a treat for the ears but the eyes as well as it features all of the above as well as some celebrity guests; B2K’s RazB, Snoop Dogg’s manager Big Percy, and comedian Red Grant.

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Finding the perfect blend of Afrobeats and hip hop, Capo2G is setting the music industry ablaze with his latest single and video, “HAAIA.”

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