Captivating and Catchy Melodies Emulating the Love For Food: Couurtney P. Releases A Hit New Single On His Shared Love For Fried Chicken.

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  1. “Chicken Talk” is an extremely appealing hip-hop single produced by a fun and food-loving father-daughter rap duo.

Ocala, Florida — April 30th, 2022- Courtney P.’s newest single “Chicken Talk” is a hip-hop rap single about the love of chicken nuggets and fried chicken by an enigmatic parent-child duo. The song’s catchy tunes and lyrics as well as vibrant video encapsulate the amount of both fun and hard work that has gone into the process of composition of this song.

Courtney P., formerly known as Young Taz , felt the dire need to make this song simply because he realized that his daughter really loved talking about chicken. Recognizing the universality in the love of a good chicken dinner, the rising star produced an innovative piece of music that could relate to the masses.

“Chicken Talk” is the first single from the ‘Baby Goat’ Album all of which has been sprinkled with industries favorites along side up and coming stars on the rise. The composition of such a vibrant music video and song topic show the influence that Kourtney, the artist’s daughter, has on the music production process. It even goes to show the unique and healthy relationship between the father-daughter duo that remains receptive to each-other’s taste in music.

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Young Taz changed his name to Courtney P as a commemoration of his daughter’s name as well as a way to stay realistic. The eclectic artist has been making music for the past twenty years which gives the musician quite some experience in the musical arena. It is this experience that gives the musician the confidence to truly produce the songs that speak to him.

The star a number of different influences including The lox, State property, and Outkast and has performed for Styles P in New York City while also having done music with 2 State Property members when the artist was younger. More so, Peedi Crack will be part of the Album that the aspiring musician will be dropping this year. Courtney P’s goal is to eventually land a lot of music syncs and slowly rise to stardom through the production of music that simply speaks to the heart!


Couurtney P.
Name: Courtney P.
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