Captivating Listeners with Enriching Latin Pop Fusions: Eclectic Artist NexusminaTi Set to Enthrall with New Single

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Driven to amaze listeners with his dynamic and high energy Reggaeton, R&B and Pop Latin mixes, rising artist NexusminaTi is on the right route towards success, immersing listeners in a whole different dimension, with new release “La Nena Favorita”

Reading, Pennsylvania  – August 1st, 2021 – A rising artist in the world of stirring Latin and Reggaeton music, NexusminaTi has put his all into creating authentic musical compositions that feature the best he has to offer. Melding and marrying together a mix of Pop, R&B and Latin elements, NexusminaTi’s newest single titled “La Nena Favorita”, showcases a unique mix of authentic Latin tunes and profound lyrics that build onto the rhythmic works of famed and iconic Latin artists.

NexusminaTi’s latest single exudes an enthralling fusion of unique instruments, alternating tunes and a tone that reflects his sheer talent and ambition. Having released on August 1st, 2021, through I.C.S Records and La Galaxia Musikal “La Nena Favorita” features diverse vocal melodies for his Latin fans.

“Meditation and doing exercises every day and listening to people’s criticism acts as a driving force for me to make fresh music… future plan is to be established in the city of Los Angeles, California”, says the artist regarding his inspiration and future for music.

A spiritually driven artist, NexusminaTi intends to continue his fascinating musical voyage, making impactful music that reaches his listener’s hearts and gives them the true sense of originality.

Find out more about NexusminaTi and his music by giving a search on Google by looking up NexusminaTi or by following his Instagram @nuxesminati.ics. For interviews, reviews, and collaborations, feel free to contact the artist through email.



An up-and-coming Reggaeton and Latin sensation, NexusminaTi was always driven to pursue his musical passions in the rich world of Reggaeton, and R&B. NexusminaTi was one of the participants in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition, reaching the Latin finals of the prestigious contest.

During his Reading High School stages in 2003, NexusminaTi was introduced into the workings of how music is produced and the dedication it demanded, being acquainted with FL Studios. NexusminaTi always believed that it is crucial to meet deadlines and create a clean environment of working so that it helps with controlling your work. Counting his family and friends as the driving factors of his success, the artist credits his loved ones as the people who always supported him throughout his music and never gave up on him. He also firmly believes that goals and aspirations can be achieved if you have the right intentions and a strong will.



Name: NexusminaTi
Phone Number: (610)-401-4576
Email Address: [email protected]




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