Captured in a Nu City

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Irving, TX — Spin Sista wants to capture you for a rendezvous to his Nu City.  His new full-length album, Nu City, is composed of dance and some ballad tracks guaranteed to keep any party jumping or make long trips seem absolutely fun.  A Nu City waits you.  Are you ready?

If you love Nu Disco,  you will love Spin Sista’s nu joint, Nu City.  It will be released on 02/12/2022 on all major streaming platforms.

Life is a musical journey.  You can either dance with others or by yourself.  In a Nu City, anything is possible.

All songs were written by Spin Sista and sung by a plethora of up and coming artists.

In the end, Spin Sista is unique and sets himself apart from many songwriters.  He is well rounded in different genres of music.  Check his profile on Spotify.

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When asked about his production skills, he states “When I work with an artist, it is all about them. The first few days may be just getting to know each other and figure out what the artist wants to say. After that, it’s time to play.”   You will definitely want to check out his releases. He is gaining fans slowly but is on a track with endless possibilities.


Spin Sista
Name: eric herod
Address: 816 Kinwest Parkway, Apt 92, Irving, TX
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8179144602




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