Capturing Listeners with Hip Hop, Relatable Pop, R&B, and Soul – B.O.O.M. Sgbh Drops New Single “Always & Forever”

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Streaming on all digital platforms, B.O.O.M. Sgbh’s new track continues to inspire listeners with feel-good tunes and relatable songwriting

Atlanta, GA — October 3rd, 2022- A hit new act in Pop, R&B, and Alternative, B.O.O.M. Sgbh is taking on the music industry one track at a time. The talented artist continues to weave moving compositions with his memorable craft and ingenious lyricism. His newest single, “Always & Forever,” is a rich, deep, and evocative track that stands out with its powerful chorus and lyricism.

“Always & Forever” was unveiled for audiences on September 19th, 2022, and has continued to rake in positive audience reviews. The new single was produced by Player1994, and alongside B.O.O.M. Sgbh, the track features Tiara Dockery and Player1994. Having been recorded at ThrushHouse Recording Co., “Always & Forever” exudes a relatable vibe depicted beautifully by the artist’s unique songwriting style.

With clarity of lyricism and dynamic composition skills, B.O.O.M. Sgbh is creating his own lane in the world of Soul and Acoustic. Motivated by a passion to become his best version rather than any ideal of being the best, the eclectic artist hopes to captivate listeners and have fun while creating intriguing new tracks.

“Overall, I believe I make feel-good music. A lot of people can relate to the songs no matter what vibe I choose to expresss. Even if you’ve “heard something like it before,” I feel like my word choices capture listeners,” says the artist regarding his music.

With a characteristic musical style, B.O.O.M. Sgbh hopes to continue his musical journey onward and upward, with a goal of getting his music recognized nationally. The artist then hopes to garner global recognition and fortify his creative impact.

Having been making music for the past ten years, B.O.O.M. Sgbh intends to follow up his new single with an upcoming record titled “Peaceful,” which is set to drop in October later this year.

Stream B.O.O.M. Sgbh’s latest single, “Always & Forever,” on his official music streaming platforms, and follow the artist on social media @boomsworld_sgbh for updates on new music! Reach out through email for interviews, press queries, collaborations, and reviews.



Babs Akinde, better known by his artistic identity B.O.O.M. Sgbh, is a skilled and inspiring recording artist and songwriter who hails from Powder Springs, Georgia. Born in College Park, Georgia, in 1993, the artist grew up listening to the likes of Outkast, Ludacris, Usher, Lloyd, T.I., and Young Jeezy, among other greats. He began writing poetry at the young age of 11 and discovered a hidden talent in songwriting.

Improving his craft and continuously challenging himself artistically, B.O.O.M. Sgbh unveiled several stunning projects such as “The Meaning of B.O.O.M.” and “Concentration.” Both of the artist’s records are currently available on all digital streaming platforms. Staying true to his name- ‘B.O.O.M.’- an acronym that stands for “Best of Outstanding Music,” the singer-songwriter aims to continue enjoying the process and amazing listeners with his creation.


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