Caribbean Pulse Brings You Paradise


caribbean-pulse-reviewCaribbean Pulse is reggae band who you’d think were straight from the Caribbean, but nope — they’re a California based band bringing the island to the Golden coast. “Blessed” is a feel good song that’d be good for a summer day out on the sand; Santa Monica perhaps. Of course it’s not paradise, but the music of Caribbean Pulse would be able to transform your surroundings in an instant. “Jah Is My Rock” featuring Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley is another feel good song that will make you move. That seems to be what this group does best. “Victory” sounds tribal and really gives the band a different edge when it starts out. It then goes into this almost seductive realm, but then the tropical feel is back again. Caribbean Pulse is the type of band you hear at street fairs when the weather is hot and work is a memory. They have vacation vibe written in every note of their sound. If you’re in the need of some rest and relaxation and need to be transported to the Caribbean, but can’t afford the plane ticket, check out Caribbean Pulse. (