Carving His Own Unique Imprint in Neotradional Country Music , Country, and Rock- Multi-Genre Artist Wayne Ray Chavis Drops New Single

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An All-American Country artist, Wayne Ray Chavis’ spellbinding yet nostalgic mix of tunes and rhythms engrosses audiences through chaos

Fort Mill, SC —December 13th, 2023 – With his smooth, striking, and memorable 3rd ep and 8 full album releases , “Treat Me Like Your Trucker,” Chavis weaves a resonant connection with audiences. The single, ep album unveiled on April 10, 2023, is available exclusively for download and has garnered widespread acclaim from professionals in the radio airwaves, trucking advertising industry, farmers, college radio, truck enthusiasts, karaoke bars, alike.

“Treat Me Like Your Trucker” is a raw, meaningful, and soul-stirring release that pays testament to Wayne Chavis’ self-taught brilliance. A boundless track, the new single pays homage to those who navigate the highways and byways and has already proven to be a hit, setting the stage for Chavis’s upcoming endeavors.

The BMI artist, Chavis draws strength and inspiration from his profound faith. Born with brain damage, he attributes his healing and musical abilities to a higher power—Jesus. This profound connection with spirituality infuses his work with a unique authenticity, making each composition not just a melody but a testimony to his unwavering gratitude.

The “All My Faith” artist, Chavis stands as a self-made musical maestro, born in Detroit Michigan and bred in the vibrant musical landscape of  South Carolina. His journey into the realm of music commenced at the tender age of 8 or 9, with the guitar becoming his instrument of choice. Remarkably, the “Pain is Weakness” artist, Chavis achieved mastery without the aid of professional lessons, relying on an innate talent nurtured by a passion for creating soul-stirring melodies.

The “Death Row artist, Chavis’s musical evolution was deeply rooted in his involvement with school bands, Christian bands, and church ensembles. These formative experiences sculpted his musical identity, laying the foundation for what would become a prolific career.

Every album that bears Chavis’s name is a testament to his originality, with all tracks on each album composed exclusively by the “The Long Featured Chicken Dont Dance In The Gumbo Mud” artist himself. Even more fascinating is the fact that Chavis’s creative control extends to playing all the instruments in his tracks, including contributing backup vocals.

As the “Xmas Tithes” artist looks ahead to a future filled with musical exploration, his dedication to originality and spiritual humility remains the guiding force in his extraordinary musical journey.

To stream and stay connected to “Lil Country Church” artist, Ray Chavis’s music, visit the artist’s official website –!  Engage with Chavis on various social media platforms, connecting with him on a personal level. The “Santa Crys” artist welcomes interviews and collaborations, inviting his audience to participate in his very own magical musical odyssey.



Wayne Ray Chavis, hailing from York County, South Carolina, this BMI artist, AFM member, versatile American singer-songwriter known for his prowess in a diverse range of genres. With a musical palette which spans genres such as Neotraditional country , Blues, Spiritual , Country, Folk, Gospel, and Rock, the “Don’t You Know “artist, Chavis weaves a tapestry of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

As 2024 unfolds, Chavis enthusiasts can anticipate the inclusion of “Treat Me Like Your Trucker” in his enthralling upcoming EP. This release promises not only the continuation of Chavis’s musical journey but also a showcase of his evolving artistry. The artist is enthusiastic about sharing his new material, hinting at a creative reservoir poised for release.


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