Cathy Hutch is back!


Cathy Hutch is back!


Cathy Hutch returns with her second full-length CD release – Free Wheelin’, and it’s a powerful statement with 11 Blues Rock and Classic Rock originals and one Classic Rock cover. These tracks all smoke with the best around. Hutch has worked with first rate musicians and producers since her debut CD, and this new release is a natural progression resulting in a big step up for this 2008 Diane London Award winner of an Oscar for Autism for a song she co-wrote.

“Carry You Along” comes blazing in with an organ that gets taken over by the commanding voice of Hutch, and then it morphs into some piano backing which adds some classical flair before some top notch picking and harmonica take it completely over the top. It’s about human nature assuming the worst and not letting it hurt your dreams anymore, and to instead let them carry you along to the next set of circumstances. The track list moves on with “Good Friends Like You,” and “Know It All” which both have their great moments, especially the former’s lyrics and the latter’s music arrangement.

The next track is a cover of a classic rock song “Reflections Of My Life” by Marmalade, and it’s a tune most can recognize if old enough, but that is only because it’s not in heavy rotation like other tracks from that time-period. This is a song that deserves more exposure and Hutch does it all the justice in the world. At first, I thought it was just another good original until it got to the chorus and all of-a sudden was reminded of this classic. She makes it her own by putting her signature on it without completely rearranging it and pulls off an epic effort to bring it back new and improved style.

“In My Life” starkly changes the mood with a rootsy track that winds up a fun-loving effort after such a serious point on the album. Hutch delivers a soothing vocal over an acoustic backing track that perfectly compliment each other for an overall remarkable slice of beauty that balances out very well in the mix. It’s followed by even more melodrama on “To Say Goodbye” which is the most lyrically spiritual point on the album. It’s easy to imagine a nice black and white promo video for this track, it’s a very picturesque song with a lot of heart and soul conveyed by Hutch.

The magic continues with “Sweet Dave” being a narrative spot which again changes the mood in another great way. Hutch has been compared to the likes of Pat Benatar and Melissa Etheridge to name a couple of names, but bluesy tracks like this prove she’s a voice to reckon with in her own right. It’s also worth noting tracks like “The Best Of Me” to really get down to the heart what Cathy Hutch’s music is best for, as she croons away with a sultry delivery, and the title track smokes as well, along with the exquisite closer “Lullaby” to top one of the best CD’s 2018 has to offer thus far.


Jamie Morse