Celebrating Life and Ushering the New Year with Mellow Americana and Soft Rock- Tepoe Nash Drops “Another Year”

Celebrating Life and Ushering the New Year with Mellow Americana and Soft Rock- Tepoe Nash Drops “Another Year”

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Dedicated to all the hope, life, love, and emotions that a new year promises, Tepoe Nash’s powerful new release is one that every listener will relish

Nashville, Tennessee — An Americana single that enlightens all the grace of a new year- ripe with opportunity and promise- “Another Year” is Tepoe Nash at his best. Released under the imprint of Poe Records, the new track walks audiences through all the seasons of the year.

Radiating positivity, hope, and passion, “Another Year” was released for audiences on December 22nd 2022 and recorded by the artist independently in his home studio. A powerful and moving single, “Another Year” features a wonderful instrumentation which elevates the theme of living life to the fullest. Tepoe sheds light on the emotions experienced as the year changes, and all the things that made one laugh, cry, and ‘live’ the year.

The best part about the new track, however, is not the touching nature of songwriting but the fact that Tepoe Nash independently wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the song track, and curated the album cover himself as well.

An emotion-layered soft Rock and Country single, “Another Year” also features the artist on drums, guitar, and vocals. He is accompanied by the artist’s friend and musician Jim Hoke whose expert use of the flute and saxophone truly brings “Another Year” to a whole different level.

With his enlivening single, Tepoe Nash hopes that listeners will enjoy the memorable rhythms the artist has composed, reflect on the past year, and be motivated as they head into new avenues.

“My motivation is the creation of new music. I currently have released 2 full albums and 45 singles which are made up of several genres of music. My future plan is to create and release more than 100 songs, and to make it onto the major scene,” says the artist.

Stream “Another Year” on Tepoe Nash’s official music streaming platforms and experience all the right vibes as you head into a new year! Follow the artist on social media for updates on new and upcoming music, and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or opportunities for collaborations.



Tepoe Nash is an independent singer, songwriter, artist, and multi-Instrumentalist. Tepoe has been influenced by many styles of music, and this is reflected in his original music, where he creates a style all his own. He started on guitar but found a passion for drums early on, and since then has expanded his experimentation into many other instruments. Tepoe loves experimenting in music and with musical instruments.

In 2008 he received a US patent on a new type of guitar he created. Most of Tepoe’s music compositions are completely recorded and produced by him in his home studio. In 2016, 2018, and 2022 Tepoe had the pleasure of Wayne Moss and Charlie McCoy making contributions to a few of his songs. These two players made up the great sounds of artists such as: Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and many more that he grew up admiring.

Tepoe is currently creating and releasing new music in several genres and is excited about future musical projects.


Poe Records
Name: Tepoe Nash
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: http://Facebook.com/TepoeNashMusic
Twitter: http://Twitter.com/TepoeN
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_nDKFoS5PXYyrJabW4MLIe8NLuQGhT2NZI
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2sDhaFjCVQyoijOlBXQJ3V


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