Changing the Face of Electronic Music: Meta Essence Brings Uniqueness to the Table

Changing the Face of Electronic Music: Meta Essence Brings Uniqueness to the Table

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Meta Essence is set to change the electronic music industry with his self-written songs and music that promotes individuality. The carefully crafted songs and compositions bring about fun and joy in crowds and are about to take the industry by a storm.

Crete, IL  – April 21st, 2021 –  Matthew Tomaszewski goes professionally by Meta Essence and has been working to revolutionize the electronic bass music industry. With his new album “Translucent,” which is set to release on April 21st, 2021, the artist aspires to reach millions of people with self-written and self-composed songs. The album has been brilliantly compiled, and the personal touches make it stand out.

Translucent serves as proof that Meta Essence, although just starting, is meant for bigger things. The album showcases versatility, with Matthew Tomaszewski dabbling with freeform bass, dubstep, and D&B. There is aggression in the album that comes with electronic music along with beauty. The songs take the listener on a journey filled with fun and excitement.

Inspired by outer space and science fiction, the album is not restricted to partying. The music can be enjoyed by yourself, sitting in your room and letting the musical tones take over you. Meta Essence credits the album “Welcome Reality” by Nero for the birth of Translucent. The entire album is timeless and targets all people and not necessarily EDM lovers.

With exceptional songwriting and composing skills, Meta Essence is expected to take over the EDM world with “Translucent.”




Meta Essence, with its striking individuality, comes with remarkable songwriting and composing skills. Matthew Tomaszewski is the man behind the genius art and aims to capture his audience’s heart with his personalized album, “Translucent.”

Meta Essence launched its debut album in 2018 by the name “Dream Sequence.” This album put Meta Essence in the spotlight and highlighted its uniqueness. The follow-up album, “Translucent,” pushes boundaries and explores new avenues. The album is a mood lifter and can have you dancing with its aggressive tones while letting you mellow with the softer ones. The ethereal vibe of the album even attracts people who may not be EDM fans.

The album caters to people with different music tastes and brings them together for a fun and lively time.




Name: Meta Essence
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