Channeling Honest Emotions through Alternative and Modern Ruck: Moscow Based Band Under Delusion Unveil New Single

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Marked with scintillating female vocals and rhythmic Alternative and Rock, Under Delusion’s new release “Awaken” is the perfect preface to their upcoming album.

Moscow, Moscow, Russia — December 24th, 2021- Intriguingly titled, “Awaken”, Under Delusion’s newest track forms the group’s 7th stirring musical composition. The promising band first stunned listeners with the release of their debut single a year ago, which was met with positive reviews and reception. “Awaken” is the last release which the collective aims to drop, teasing the release of their full-length upcoming debut album.

Characterized by sheer dynamism and skill, Under Delusion is a budding collective, which has already gained more than a million streams on YouTube, Spotify and other platforms, with listeners spanning more than 100 countries all over the world.

“Awaken” highlights a soul-stirring, raw, and honest narration of relatable themes, such as those of love, loss, anger, and other sensory emotions one experiences. The new single forms just one part of the upcoming record which will be released at the beginning of February 2022.

Making their mark with one hit single after another, the Moscow-based band offers audiences a contemporary and modern mix of guitar riffs and synth grooves. However, their rhythms and tunes only complement the band’s unique allure- the deep, low timber female vocals of the group’s lead singer.

Having released for listeners on 24th December 2021, “Awaken” is a stirring and brilliant addition to the group’s discography. The song is a vivid narration of a midlife crisis that is unavoidable and shattering, pressing listeners with the unsettling question: could it bring one down or will one find new meaning and purposes through the brunt of the experience.

“The debut album is ready for release. We are working on our second album and have big plans,” says the group regarding their musical motivations.

With an array of relatable themes delivered as burning and emotive reflections on humanity and life itself, the group’s songs call out to the pensive contemplators and emotionally uncertain kind alike. In times of great division and difficulty, they offer understanding, escapism, and solace.

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Under Delusion is a rising Moscow-based Rock band which is sending ripples in the music industry due to their unique musical imprint. Featuring low timbred female vocals leading the way, the group’s sound is given further depth and fullness by a blend of enriching guitar riffs and synth grooves. Balancing familiarity with unquestionable identity, Under Delusion’s sound stands out as a fresh approach to alternative rock.

Comprised of band members well into their thirties, Under Delusion speaks volumes on behalf of life-long passion and experience united. Under Delusion uses its own characteristic composition to mix genres in a modern Rock blend, while also drawing inspiration from a breakthrough of new generation bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Royal Blood, Highly Suspect and Yonaka.


Under Delusion
Name: Vasiliy Kuznetsov
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +79036218432




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