Channeling Strength from the Pain of a Fractured Relationship: Reggae Artist Natasha Mesmerizes with New Release

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An exploration of the hurt one faces in a bad relationship, singer-songwriter Natasha’s new track is a moving reflection

Mount Holly, NC — July 23rd, 2022 – With an intimate and contemplative new release, gifted artist Natasha surprises listeners with her moving vocals and memorable lyrical energy. Titled “Tu ft. Raw”, the new track is an admirable new addition to the artist’s artistic discography, and features artist Raw.

Set to resonate with listeners from all walks of life, “Tu ft. Raw” is slated to drop on July 23rd, 2022 and displays a touching and dynamic relationship story. The new release speaks about a relationship gone south and portrays the tender and poignant experience of someone who is hurt in their lives by someone they were close to you.

Radiating an ingenuity and creativity that is distinctive of her music, Natasha provides a rich new perspective to heartbreak. Offering an uplifting shoulder to listeners who have faced hurt, abuse, and contempt from a loved one, the artist claims that everyone should channel the hurt into strength.

“Tu” is an affirmation to feel worthy about oneself and stay strong amidst any challenges that life hurls your way. With powerful song writing and lyricism, the track introduces listeners to a familiar and relatable life issue.

“You basically tell them thank you because all the hurt you put me though has made me a stronger person today,” says Natasha regarding the basic message of “Tu”.

For the artist music has always meant putting life experiences into words and sharing the trove of lessons that she has learnt and everything she has gone through with the world. Natasha hopes that with relatable music, people that have been through some of the experiences she has faced will find a crucial means of self-expression.

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A promising Reggae and R&B singer-songwriter, Natasha T Rivera, known simply by her artistic name Natasha was born in Bronx, New York and raised between New York and Puerto Rico. The talented artist has been involved in writing music for several years and only recently began focusing on sharing her talents with the world through every way possible.

A capable and committed artist, Natasha remains inspired by the mantra that as long as her music is helping people, her main goal is being achieved. Although hopeful that her distinct and unique musical style will gain traction amidst audiences, Natasha remains content with just sharing her voice and talents with the world.


Name: Natasha Rivera
Address: 105 Gaddis dr, Mount Holly, NC
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 980 320-7123




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