Channeling Unique, Stirring, Soul and R&B Rhythms with Pop: Solo Artist Joshua Canonge Set to Stun

Channeling Unique, Stirring, Soul and R&B Rhythms with Pop: Solo Artist Joshua Canonge Set to Stun

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With his new single, “Sweetness”, eclectic artist Joshua Canonge weaves together passionate songwriting and rhythmic production in a memorable stroke of genius.

Los Angeles, CA — A brilliant new addition from an emerging singer, song writer, and musician, “Sweetness” showcases Joshua Canonge’s talented musical prowess and song writing mastery.

Now available on all streaming platforms, “Sweetness” presents the dynamic musical experience of a driven recording artist, who is set to establish himself as a solo icon in the world of Pop.

Building on influences from Soul, R&B, Jazz, Blues, and a range of rich sub-genres, Josh’s expansive musical interest showcases an unparalleled variety of musical styles. Be it musical arrangement, expressive and vivid lyricism or just plain Pop rhythms to lose yourself in, Josh delivers a memorable musical experience.

The talented artist exhibits an engaging and deeply personal vocal and lyrical style that his listeners can easily relate to, while stunning listeners with his use of the piano, guitar, and drums as part of his ensemble.

The magnetic artist released his debut single titled “Doubts” on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, in September 2021, and his current song, “Sweetness”, builds on his scintillating musical imprints. His third song “Urge”, which is sure to excite, will be released on March 18th, 2022.

Josh has been recording at Laguna Sound in Laguna Beach, California, with production support from the studio director Frank Arellano and Dave Sherman as the sound engineer. With distinctive vocals and a pop style infused with his own unique blend of Soul, Jazz, R&B, and Blues influences, this budding young artist captivates audiences with his charming and exciting musical compositions.

When inspiration strikes, Josh creates rhythmic and memorable music at an intense pace, often laying down the instrumentals, freestyling the lyrics, and refining the overall song in a single session. This rising artist is determined to explore his unique talents to the fullest for the benefit of true music lovers.  He has a slew of unique and original songs in the pipeline for listeners to fully enjoy and revel in over the course of the next year, so you won’t have long for the next release.

Joshua’s music is available on all streaming platforms. Visit the Joshua Canonge landing page ( for links to listen to his music on your favorite streaming platform, links to his social media pages, including Instagram, and a link to his artist website.




Joshua is a talented and emerging young singer, musician, songwriter, producer, and recording artist. Originally from Leeds, U.K., Josh is currently living in Southern California, bringing his artistic dreams to life with tantalizing new musical compositions.

At an early age, the dynamic artist showed musical aptitude and skill, starting with an eerie ability to play the drums competently as a young child. As he got older his innate ability began to express itself in a variety of interesting ways, as he found curious ways of connecting with the underlying harmonies and instrumentals in a song, rather than the lead vocals and melody.

Having grown into a distinctive solo artist today, Josh crafts music which falls generally into the Pop category with clear influences from Soul, R&B, Jazz, Blues, and other diverse genres.  The artist dropped his first commercial song “Doubts” in September 2021, followed by his second, “Sweetness” in December 2021.  His third song, “Urge” will be available on all platforms, March 18th, 2022.



Joshua Canonge
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