Charley and Jesi – With Love

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Charley and Jesi – With Love

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Score – 5/5 Stars

We’ve all watched musical trends and pop artists wind through their fair share of the nine lives that often accompany the personnel-shuffling, lo-fi garage-pop world. I find it interesting how pop from the 50’s when compared to pop from the 80’s and 90’s may sound different but it all has the same component. The artists at the focal point must be good all-around entertainers not relying too heavily on one skill set. Paula Abdul is a perfect example, when in her prime was at best an average singer but had an above average look and an impeccable knowledge of choreography. Unfortunately much of his carries over the Pop realm, as everyone and their mom has releases a new CD to be cherished by mostly loved ones. Much of it is to do about nothing. So it’s no surprise that there’s a rising Married couple musical act called “Charley and Jesi” based out of Southern California who just released their latest 4th release entitled “With Love” in 2014.

Charley (Hinchcliffe) and Jesi (DiPalo) relocated from Oceanside to Los Angeles, and have released three albums – Raw (2009), Charley & Jesi (2011), and Circus (2013) via their own record label, Wini Flashdance – and organically built a strong local following. In early 2014, they holed up at The Village Recorder and Grandmaster Recorders to self-produce With Love, with Reuben Cohen (Edward Sharpe And the Magnetic Zeros, Bruno Mars, Ingrid Michaelson) mastering the record at Lurssen Mastering.

From its opening lines “Hurry Up & Take Your Time” to its resolved close “Love-In” and “Love Light” this CD is a whirlwind of likeable Folk pop: uncomplicated, without the sticky-catchy gimmicks. Despite this it still manages to have that classic Soulful Alternative Rock feel. On “With Love” what you see is what you get. The vocals from both Charlie and Jesi are not an over the top testimony, but a well executed, conservative staple that is modest and pure. The more I listened to this CD the more it feels as if Charley and Jesi are one of those “under the radar” artists that has a whole lot of potential. I remember the days where The Raconteurs

Of Monsters and Men and Foster the People filled the airwaves. A flashy piece of music may be is worth a thousand words, but a simple song can say volumes. Much of this is in stark contrast to traditional pop with the crisp spunky roughness around the edges. It is true that the pop legions (especially on the West Coast) may however feel a bit skeletal about this offering. To them perhaps it’s like a demo that got pushed hard maybe 20 years too late. Like the sugar rush of any love pop song sometimes their dedication to the aesthetic loses its flavor.

“With Love” gets a big thumbs up from me. These two present a favorable blend of Love soaked Soul, Rock and Blues via 10 classics sure to be enjoyed all. Music reminds me of: CHVRCHES, The Paper Kites, The Dead Winter, The Kills and Angus and Julia Stone.

My top tracks are: “Better Baby”, “Better Baby”, “No reply” and Just Wanna Dance.” There isn’t a weak song on the entire catalogue.

When I buy music I want a nice and pure musical CD with a rock foundation, I don’t want marketability, flashiness or even rebellion. They want someone like Charley and Jesi to sing me a timeless melody – it’s that simple and real – not overly synthetic built upon a house of card. The overall musical voice and signature of Charley and Jesi is of musical legend – and to say the least could be quite groundbreaking if and when it hits. The potential all these 10 tracks provide is indeed palpable, and that low-key modesty of Charley and Jesi speaks for itself.

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– Jodi Circello. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes.



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