Check out the Reggae music superstar Daddy Garnet from Zimbabwe Africa

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Glendale, Mazowe, Zimbabwe — Check out the original upcoming reggae superstar Daddy Garnet from Zimbabwe Africs with a latest  Ep called Sweetvibration vol1 produced by Steezybeats and Sanksciew records Zimbsbwe

All music fanz nor matter where you from but if youre a reggae fan you should listen to the pure sweet music with total niceness . Its wrtten in  english and shona language . This Ep is available on yutube,spotify,Amazin,Applemusic,deezer,I tunes and many more

Check the single tracks like Sweetvibration and Nice and sexy . The tracks will keep you dancing all the time

Daddy Garnet is available 247 and your ears are needed on spotify. Thank you

Daddy Garnet is a True Rastaman born and bred in Mbare national a popular ghetto full of reggae music artists and tourist attraction for musicians . Daddy Garnet was born on 18 june 1979 and he staterd his music career at the age of 16 as a club dj to musician . He recorded 12 singles, a singles compilstion album with 10 tracks and an Ep with 6 tracks written in english and shona language

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Daddy Garnet is a solo artist leading vocalist,songwritter, perfomer . his genre is reggae/dancehall ,he sings reggae/dsncehall music in shona and english language with a bit of jamaican patois language


Daddy Garnet
Name: Brian micky kangwara
Address: 447, Westville park ext, Glendale, Mazowe, Zimbabwe
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +263713602169




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