Chicago Winter: “Chaff”


Chicago Winter ReviewSomeone from the west coast can only imagine are how horrendous the winters out east are. Even Vegas gets too chilly, but what about those in the Windy City? Well while those are hard to place myself in, what I can get behind is this band Chicago Winter. Their song “Chaff” comes at your right from the start and their lead singer has a range on him that could battle a diva. It’s like a little less dramatic version of Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco. While the vocals have a hint of the dramatics, the music is all around rock with a mainstream twist that would have them faring well on a tour with either the likes of All Time Low or a more mainstream artist like Imagine Dragons. If you’re into rock that really pops and comes for you, check out Chicago Winter’s “Chaff,” out now. (