Christian Customized Songwriter Mike McCracken has been writing customized songs most of his life helping People

Christian Customized Songwriter Mike McCracken has been writing customized songs most of his life helping People

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Phoenix, AZ –  Customizedsongwriter Mike McCracken has been given a God given talent with a heart to match. He traveled the world writing songs, preaching and teaching while entertaining and singing his songs. He considers the world to be his stage and classroom. Being overly creative, Mike thinks very different than the world. He travels a different path for God. He has given Mike a life of travel and adventure never staying in the same place more than three years. His sister said that Mike lives like he’s retired. His sister-in-law says that Mike goes where the wind blows. He lives like a rich man on a poor man’s salary.

He is like a psychologist. People tell him their story and Mike writes their song and their song is the cure. He wrote customized songs for five years on the radio helping people with their problems. Some people did not believe that he wrote the songs because Mike wrote the songs in about one half an hour music and words ready to go. People told him their story and he had the song ready to go and sang it on the radio. Many people even cried on the radio because their song affected them that much.

Here is one of his customized songs out of my book: “Love and Tears”.

Homeless Woman Goes Home
Customizedsongwriter Mike McCracken

Homeless woman gave her life today
Trying to save her daughters’ lives
Her shopping cart got stuck that day
When the train arrived
One girl in the shopping cart
The other running free
This woman gave her heart
To her family
The Amtrak train came traveling
Forty miles per hour that day
Honking screeching and yelling
Please get out of the way
We don’t have time to slow down
The train’s not that fast
We’ve got our breaks down
Still moving pretty fast

She wouldn’t leave her girls there
And barely pushed them though
The mighty train collapsed her
As she yelled, “I love you”
A homeless Woman’s life ended today
The Girls love their mommy too
Some say she went home today
With a love so rare and true

Two little girls have a home today
And still feel alone
At least now they have a place to stay
A homeless woman goes home.

This was written on radio stations KSLX and WCKO to help a homeless woman’s family. I just wanted to show her real love.

Real life songs for real live people.

Warning: these songs will affect your emotions.




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