Christmas The Band: Rock’s Bright New Sensation

Christmas The Band: Rock’s Bright New Sensation

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With their warm and homely compositions fused with the spirit of blazing upbeat Rock, Christmas The Band is set to soar high with their rich spirited musical prowess and talents

Santa Rosa, California – December 25th, 2020- An up-and-coming musical sensation, Christmas The Band is a budding group that is set to impress both critics and fans of Rock. Headed by the independent music label Rudolf Music, the band is striving to make their footprint known as they release fun and frenzy-filled compositions and rock ballads with messages that reflect the importance of loving and the vital reminder of loved ones passing on to a better sanctuary and peaceful place.

The band and label proudly present their stunning new single titled “Happy New Year” along with a free CD for download of new and traditional Christmas blends fused in a Rock, Jazz and Progressive Rock style. Their fresh new song labelled “To A Better Place” was originally released in 1997 the band’s fresh new version was recorded this year with the band exchanging wave files through the web. With a release date of December 12th, the band is all set to soar to new heights with heir buzzing and melodic new compositions that are bound to inspire and motivate scores of people and get them grooving to the Holiday spirit and familiar feelings of love and warmth.

A CD of the original1979 mix broadcast was released by Rudolf Music in 2003 and is available at iTunes, Amazon and other outlets along with more CD’s by the band: “Oh Christmas Tree”, released in 2007, “3 Ships” released in 2009, “Silent Night” released in 2010 and “Linus And Lucy Freeway Jam” which came out in 2013. There is also a Free Christmas CD at the Rudolf Music website available for download that contains songs from each of their rich and soulful compositions.





Christmas The Band began in Seattle, Washington in 1977. Their first live concert was a benefit for the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital at the Bellevue Community College in December of 1978. The lineup was led by Bruce Hazen on Guitar, Bass, Pedals and Vocals, Mark Robertson on Keyboards and Vocals and Charles Tapp on Drums and Vocals. The group played several concerts in the Seattle area as well as a live radio show on KZOK FM in 1979.

Christmas The Band played 2 live benefit concerts for the Redwood Empire Food Bank in Santa Rosa, California. The lineup was Alec Fuhrman on Guitar and Vocals, Peter Penhallow dealing with Keyboards, Rob Fordyce on Bass and Vocals, and Charles Tapp on Drums and Vocals. This particular group of musicians has a deep history in this genre of music and have known each other for many years living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their popular single “Donkey and Me” was released in December 2019 and is a musical version of The Nativity as seen through the eyes of Joseph.


Name: Rudolf Music

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