Coltcrusher Gives ‘My Little Pony’ A Metal Twist 

Coltcrusher Gives ‘My Little Pony’ A Metal Twist 

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‘The Plot Sickens’ Out Now


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 15, 2020 – Metal music is usually associated with anything that’s far from cute, sweet or as wholesome as ‘My Little Pony.’ That was until Coltcrusher came to be with his debut, ‘The Plot Sickens.’

Coltcrusher’s music is inspired by the ‘80s craze ‘My Little Pony’ that went away for a second but then had a reemergence like no other when The Hub breathed new life into the series. When ‘My Little Pony’ stepped back into the limelight, with it came a wave of male fans known around the world as “Bronies.” While most of them adore the show’s lighthearted music, there are some that would appreciate the hardcore makeover Coltcrusher has given their world.

With songs like “Somepony New in Town,” “Slaughta Alotta Equestria,” and “The End of the Rainbow” Coltcrusher marries his love of metal with the world of ‘My Little Pony’ like no other. Originally Coltcrusher was set to release a few songs on an EP in 2013 but held off and he’s glad he did. He notes, “Through renewed inspiration with the material and a mission of helping local organizations that serve at-risk communities, I went to work for the next seven years to make sure it was worthy of attention and support.”

Today, Coltcrusher works endlessly not only on his music but to help his community. All of the proceeds from ‘The Plot Sickens’ go towards helping a local women’s shelter..

Those interested in adding new metal music to their playlists, reviewing ‘The Plot Sickens,’ featuring his music on their ‘My Little Pony’ fan site, or interviewing Coltcrusher for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below.

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Coltcrusher is a metal band with a twist. Every song centers around ‘My Little Pony,’ and wait! There’s more! All the proceeds from Coltcrusher go to a local women’s shelter in Pittsburgh.

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