Comedy Groove and Metal Find a New Light- honeybunches Of DEATH Release Magnetizing New Music

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A riveting and hard-hitting Metal record, ‘honeybunches of DEATH’ is a self-titled album that showcases the serious, the subtle, and the entertaining

Denver, Colorado —September 20th, 2023 – The music world is not ready for the eclectic tastes of honeybunches of DEATH- bringing audiences a little bit of humor, a dash of groovy riffs, and a whole lot of chaos. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the dynamic group, comprised of five uniquely talented individuals, is here to turn the world upside down with their blend of Comedy Groove Metal.

honeybunches Of DEATH is not your average metal band. The artist delivers a riotous blend of serious musicianship, goofy antics, and a healthy dose of imaginative, startling content.

The artist’s newest self-titled release, “honeybunches of DEATH,” forms a wild and stirring ride through the minds of a collective of mad musicians. Featuring tracks that are part comedy, part chaos, and all metal, honeybunches Of DEATH draw influences from the likes of Aretha Franklin to Pantera.

Released under the imprint of Earache Records Digital Distribution, honeybunches of DEATH’s music was released in conjunction with SelfMadeRecords LLC, and is fitting for fans of killer grooves, insane vocals, or simply some downright hilarious moments.

Pre-save honeybunches of DEATH’s titular album on your favorite streaming service and stream their exciting new music! Make sure to get your hands on some wicked merchandise on The artists are also open to interviews, reviews, and radio play so feel free to experience a wild musical journey that’s equal parts comedy and metal!



The honeybunches of DEATH is seasoned crew which consists of Bill Bohlen- The Bass Maestro, known for his looks, charm, and a career in IT. Bill adds the pulse to the band, providing the attitude and groove that keeps metal fans on their toes.

Bill is accompanied by Nick Ostosh- the ‘Roaring Sexy Death Vocals’ guy. Nick’s journey began in the depths of dive bar karaoke, but he was destined for something more twisted. His eccentricity is guaranteed to both arouse and confuse you, sometimes at the same time.

Johnny Reggie Romero is The Drumming Dynamo. Johnny recently joined the band, and let’s just say there was a bet involved. The artist’s electrifying drumming guarantees the most entertaining performance in Denver and beyond. He enjoys pounding on things rhythmically and keeping his private life under wraps.

Robert Lane is ‘the Distortion and Dementia King’- the founder of the dynamic band who is also a destroyer of boundaries and stereotypes. He has been in the Denver scene since the late 1800s (or so it seems), and is his spare time, the artist exercises his demons, writes brilliantly demented comedy, and upholds his motto, “I Don’t Believe in the Devil, the Devil Believes in ME!” This concoction of chaos is what makes the enviable collective a Comedy Groove Metal sensation like no other.


honeybunches Of DEATH
Name: honeybunches Of DEATH
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