Composing Melodic Tunes Full of Harmony and Rhythm: Presenting to the World The Long Gone

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With a bunch of tunes released over the course of several years and a whole lot being under work for future release, emerging band The Long Gone is all set to revive the scene of music

Santa Fe, New Mexico —December 23rd, 2021 – Up-and-coming band The Long Gone is a massive force to be reckoned in the world of music. Through countless musical capabilities and unparalleled experience in terms of unique and original music, the band is considered well-equipped when it comes to composing new tunes every once in a while. The Long Gone has recently released a brand new EP titled ‘Imitation Honey’.

Released in 2021, ‘Imitation Honey’ takes the band’s music to a whole new level. With harmonious melodies and hard-hitting vocals throughout, the EP challenges to take on the sound of the upcoming generation and appeals to a wider audience. The talented band has significantly evolved with the release of this new EP by taking a new and fresh approach with it and maturing their sound to grow as artists and individuals. Not only do The Long Gone stay true to their original sound, but they also challenge themselves in order to explore new opportunities and inspirations from different aspects of music they come across. With the release of ‘Imitation Honey’, the dedicated band is looking forward to getting their music out there and making people all around the world fall in love with their sound. They want music lovers to give a listen to their music and connect with it on a personal level, relating to the music and then ultimately growing fond of the band. The Long Gone wants to be there for people going through tough times and help them out of their worries so that fans would be there for the band, supporting them throughout their musical journey and looking forward to future releases.

With the brand new EP, The band rocks a sound that is simultaneously rich and raw, like grunge fused with French cabaret, with a steady backbeat provided by Elvis’ ghost. ‘Imitation Honey’ is composed in a way that expertly blends sultry, gritty cocktail of Rock with Pop and Jazz. Deeply inspired by Frank Black, Nick Lowe, Kings of Leon, and Wilco, the EP has been worked on by a bunch of talented musicians and producers. James Campbell did the vocals and guitars on the album, while Mathiew McClinton played the bass. The drums throughout ‘Imitation Honey’ are played by Miguel Velasquez, whereas Sarah Mohr accompanied James Campbell on the soothing vocals.

The Long Gone wants their fans to download the band’s music from all the streaming platforms and share it on social media.



The Long Gone are an Indy Rock band based in Santa Fe, New Mexico led by singer/songwriter/guitarist James Campbell. The band formed in 2018 and has released 2 EPs, ‘Kiss Me Goodbye’ in 2019 and ‘Imitation Honey’ in 2021.

The band’s goal is to write and record more original sounds. Their 3rd studio album is currently under works, getting ready to perfection.


The Long Gone
Name: James Campbell
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 505 920-0521




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