Conceptz – Splash feat. Bennie Blanco



Conceptz – Splash feat. Bennie Blanco


You can tell when an artist is more comfortable in the studio then they are out on the stage playing for the attention of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of hungry fans, and vice versa. But once in a while we come across an artist whose versatility speaks for itself and can deliver nothing but magic no matter what the venue. Conceptz, the hip-hop team of brothers Highrowglyphfix and Short Fuze, are one of those rare groups, and their collaboration with Benny Blanco, the summer blockbuster “Splash” further exhibits what their long-term disciples have already known: nobody does it better than these two.

You see, Conceptz have the nimble design and persuasive charm to be able to play any size joint and ignite passion throughout the room just the same, whether it be a tiny club tucked inside a bustling city or a massive arena filled with fans standing shoulder to shoulder waiting to hear their sound. Anywhere, anytime, they’re ready to knock us out with their valiant experimentations and stoic declarations, even if it means leaving us feeling like the music we’ve just consumed has shaken our core never to be the same again. That’s just the way these guys roll, and it isn’t hard to see why they’ve got as many people who believe in the artistic example they’ve set as they do.

What really separates the boys from the men, the chumps versus the champs, is the complexity of their logic and the melodic weight of their tone. Anybody can write a jingle. Almost as many people can write a verse that rhymes. It takes focus, love and a whole lot of pain to be able to translate purified emotion into vibrations of sound, and because of how easy people seem to think it is to engage in this type of immaculate conception, it’s sometimes hard to sort out the studs from the duds. Conceptz makes it easier; their music is intellectual yet it doesn’t require you to think too hard about its awesomeness.

Music that doesn’t require you to have a Ph.D. in philosophy but can still leave a noteworthy impression on the listener is usually the best kind, and by no coincidence, the most accessible to the general population. I don’t know if “Splash” was meant to play into pop sensibilities more than what Conceptz has previously released, and I don’t know whether or not this is a turning point for them creatively. What I do know is that it sends a chill down my back, and its rhythm can’t be recreated, and that’s what makes a hit legendary.

If you’re looking for some fun in the sun induced by a steady stream of infectiously profound grooves this season, Conceptz is definitely the team that you need to seek out. “Splash” is cratering the hip-hop underground and creating a ton of momentum behind this crew, and it won’t be long before their music goes from being indie royalty to pop overexposure. We’ll have to wait and see what they choose to do with the platform, but in the meantime, I say we should just enjoy the ride.


Jamie Morse