Consciously-Crafted, Striking, and Hard-Hitting Hip Hop – Lyrical Genius & Hip Hop Veteran ShanEye Unearths New Hip Hop

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An artist who minces no words, and knows the true value of unfiltered, original Hip Hop music, ShanEye marks his astounding resurgence to the Hip Hop world

Fort Collins, CO — ShanEye is no stranger to sculpting powerful and impactful Hip Hop music that truly reverberates amidst audiences. With tracks such as, “Sith Lord Pimp” and “The Mirror” which have amassed 324,000+ and 124,000+ streams on Spotify alone, ShanEye continues to mesmerize.

Igniting a new wave of Hip Hop which is raw, authentic, and truthful, the dynamic artist lays bare the issues that plague our times. With each new release, ShanEye reveals an unparalleled and thought-provoking blend of tracks that keep audiences engaged.

Never failing to astound audiences with his brilliant lyrical craft, ShanEye hopes to invigorate the masses with contemplative stories and narratives. Evocative, impactful, and crafted with meticulous perfection, ShanEye’s latest track- “Snowflake” encompass listeners with bold and valiant penmanship.

Sure to soar to new echelons, the veteran powerhouse brings with his new music years of experience in the Hip Hop genre. ShanEye is known for adhering to his own unique and definitive style and focuses on oft-ignored, critical issues that demand attention.

For fans of Hip Hop, the artist will prove to be a welcome, must-listen act that should not be missed out on. Having amassed a monumental following, streams, and acclaim from both critics and fans alike, ShanEye has become a sought-after entity in record time!

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ShanEye is a true veteran of the Hip Hop scene, having spent over three decades as a vocalist and live performer. He first made a name for himself as one of the lyrical geniuses behind the legendary HeadCrash, a post-hardcore/crossover band that pushed the boundaries of what was possible in the genre. This seasoned artist later went on to form Lungbutter, an industrial/punk/metal outfit that further showcased his incredible talents as a performer and songwriter, and was a leading contributor to Peace Officer, an underground dub-hop crew known for incinerating every stage they performed on.

After a long absence from the Hip Hop world, ShanEye has returned with a visionary drive, teaming up with Shadow, a long-time friend, and producer for beatzMafia, to deliver brand-new tracks that are nothing short of ground-breaking. His lyrics are blisteringly critical and socially conscious, tackling several pertinent contemporary issues and immersed with a passion and intensity that only comes from a lifetime of experience.

Despite having been away from the scene for so long, ShanEye’s latest work stands toe-to-toe with his best performances, a testament to his unparalleled talent and dedication to the craft. For fans of authentic, hard-hitting Hip Hop that speak to the issues of our time, ShanEye is an artist not to be missed.


Name: Shane
Address: PO Box 1731, Fort Collins, CO
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 970-412-2322




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