COPUS releases the HAVES & HAVES NOTS official music video

COPUS releases the HAVES & HAVES NOTS official music video

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COPUS releases the HAVES & HAVES NOTS official music videoCorporate greed, the 99%, Occupy movement… We’ve all read about the redistribution of wealth and lack of justice for all. Is it no surprise that artists and visionaries for centuries have sounded wake-up calls for anyone paying attention. The systems are not working fairly.

COPUS has completed their latest music video “Haves & Have Nots”.” The new video addresses this imbalance and precedes the release of the CD by the same name.

“Haves & Have Nots is the secret weapon in my arsenal of poetry,” says poet Royal Kent. After hearing the verses recited at ‘Poem Under the Dome’ held annually at City Hall, San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos remarked: “I’ve never heard it put so succinctly!”

“The haves have the have nots by the crotch. The haves have the have nots doing everything but what they ought. So that they may have all … while all others have naught.”

“To me composing music around poetry is like filmscoring. I love to listen not only to the story being told and the emotional content of the poem, but also to the rhythmic cadences inherent in the flow of the words,” comments composer Wendy Loomis. “It is a joy to work with Royal’s lyricism and the amazing talents of the COPUS musicians. Generally, I come up with the musical structure of the pieces and then collectively the group arranges everything together to make it all sparkle and pop. One audience member told us that ‘the words and music fit together like a hand in a glove.’ “Copus
The track “Haves & Have Nots” was recorded by Jimmy Hobson at MarinWest Studios. As both a drummer and engineer, Jimmy has several gold and platinum records on his resume (Celine Dion, Hall & Oates) and has toured and played with a long list of luminaries including Chris Issak, Billy Preston, and Joan Baez.

The “Haves & Have Nots” video can be found on the COPUS Multimedia YouTube channel. The direct link is:

The single is a prelude of the upcoming full CD that will have 11 additional tracks.

COPUS – an acronym for Creation of Peace under Stars – is a rap/jazz fusion ensemble that presents powerful lyrics and beautiful rhythmic melodies for the conscious listener. The group was founded by renowned poet Royal Kent and ASCAP Award-winning composer Wendy Loomis and has further expanded over the years to include the talents of flutist Monica Williams, bassist Patrick Mahon, drummer Greg McRay. COPUS has performed in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville, Boston, Western Massachusetts, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Artist: COPUS
Press Contact: Wendy Loomis
Contact Email: [email protected]

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