Could OG Lew be the first artist to blow from Irving Texas?

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Irving, TXOG Lew brings real Hip-Hop back with his new single, Notching and Northing

The fast rising upcoming Irving Texas artist, OG Lew, teams up with producer MarshMadeIt to bring back nostalgic HipHop with his new banger, Notching and Northing. The vibe of this record takes you back to HipHops golden age.

OG Lew said:

“Notching and Northing just came to me while I was  chilling in my homeboys barbershop. I didn’t even write it down the lyrics just came to me, no cap. I wanted to make an anthem for my hood, something that would represent us, give the world some insight on how we rock in Nawf Irving Texas.”

Josh Okeke, the creator of the Tranzformed hiphop blog said:

“This song feels kinda Pusha T’sh, like it has that luxury flow without the drug talk, but you still feel every bar like the clips when their banger Grinding first came out.”

Notching and Northing is the new wave, OG Lew along with MarshMade it created something the world hasn’t felt in a mighty long time.

To hear this new heat:



Lewis Frazelle, known professionally as OG Lew, is an American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and record executive. OG Lews earlier part of his life was full of hard times and struggle where he felt joining a gang was the only way to survive. His mom moved him and his family to Irving Texas from New Bern North Carolina where he spent most of his years. He also credits that move for being the reason he decided to pick up a mic and start making music and getting out of the streets. OG Lew also has 3 mixtapes under his belt Talkn Tuff Vol. 1, Vol 2, and Vol 3 which did very well on the local level.


OG Lew
Name: Lewis Frazelle Jr
Address: 2613 Entrada Blvd, Irving, TX
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 2145241110


Google Music:


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