Crafting A Name for Themselves with Resurgent Classics: Midnight Clover Delivers The Best In Latest Album ‘FloW’

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Revamping retro nostalgia in spectacular fashion, Midnight Clover’s authentic take on alternative rock is fresh and refined.

Las Vegas, NV — Midnight Clover is an up-and-coming alternative rock band who consider themselves to be innovators in their genre. Brimming with talent, Midnight Clover’s alternative rock provides a refined version of the popular genre, as if their music is an ode to the classics while simultaneously being full of innovation. With their second studio album titled ‘FloW’, Midnight Clover has certainly exceeded the expectations of fans worldwide.

Midnight Clover formed around 7 years ago when guitarist Johnie Stomp encouraged Amber ‘Clover’ Corby to sing. She taught herself how to structure songs and even helped recruit the band bassist Roman, and band drummer Jimmie. The rest is history.

The Las Vegas-based band released their debut record, Turner, in 2016, and have previously also released two EP’s titled ‘Lovage’ and ‘Never Bring Me Down’. ‘FloW’ features eight tracks and was recorded at June Audio Recording Studios in Provo, UT.

Gaining inspiration from influential bands like Led Zeppelin, Midnight Clover aims to harness the lyricism that would propel them to greater heights. Such lyricism can certainly be appreciated in the music video ‘Danny’, their first single off ‘FloW’. The video celebrates the ‘80s, and adds effects of dragons and various psychedelic backgrounds as the icing on the cake.

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Las Vegas based band Midnight Clover has had an unpredictable career from the start. From building the band from a craigslist ad, they have since gone on to represent a unique style of music and have garnered a collection of brilliant tracks. Most recently they have put together a new album titled FloW, which is full of hidden Easter eggs and amazing music.

Midnight Clover comprises four members led by front woman Amber Corby. Corby began as a poet and was inspired by the band’s guitarist to put her words to music. Once the duo found the rest of their band, they just seemed to take off.

Each track on FloW was crafted with surgical precision, and one can hear that care in every line. Their first release from the album was “Danny”, which has a fun aura and fits in theme with the album it precedes perfectly. Along with it goes an incredible music video that leans into the theme of an album filled with whimsical magic.


Midnight Clover
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