Crafting Ambitious and Unique Pop, R&B, and Alternative Musical Compositions: Multi-genre Singer and Songwriter Kevynn Hudsonn Amazes with New Single

Crafting Ambitious and Unique Pop, R&B, and Alternative Musical Compositions: Multi-genre Singer and Songwriter Kevynn Hudsonn Amazes with New Single

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Led by a strong belief that music is the universal language of humanity, Kevynn Hudsonn hopes to achieve the ultimate goal of achieving widespread acclaim, inspired by shooting stars like a Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, and others whose musical careers left a deep and indelible impression on contemporary Pop music.

New York, New York  – July 28th ,2021  – A multi-genre crossover artist, Kevynn Hudson is a true icon, when it comes to the rising Alternative, Pop and R&B scene. Led by a universal appeal, and a uniquely memorable soundtrack and rhythms, the growing artist brings with himself a refreshing and memorable vibe, immersing listeners in a whole different dimension with his music.

With the release of his soulful new single, “Trust In Me Trust In God”, the artist evokes an emotional response within listeners, motivated by his own eclectic music taste and influences. With the debut single, “Trust In Me Trust In God”, forming a personal and layered narrative, which is rooted deeply and strongly within unconditional and raw commitment and love, the dynamic Rock star hopes to meld together rich fusions.

From Pop and R&B to high energy EDM, and Hip Hop, Kevynn Hudsonn has the unparalleled ability to mix and meld together different genres of music, through distinct and noticeable styles that have become his own imprint. Looking forward to releasing a few more singles to complete his voyage throughout 2021, the rising artist aims to culminate the year with a complete album, which is slated for release in spring of 2022.

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Born in 1983, Kevynn Hudsonn is an up-and-coming multi-genre singer and song writer. Growing up, the dynamic artist would partake in singing in his church and as a part of the school choir, always moved by the stirring pull of music. Heavily influenced by what he describes as “the flamboyant and enigmatic front-men” of music, such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morris, Morrissey, Ian Curtis, and Prince, Kevynn Hudsonn was always motivated to pursue his own unique style and sensibilities. Honing his musical skills, the artist also drew inspiration from the soulful Blues of Sam Cooke and gripping enigma manifested by Michael Jackson.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the seasoned artist is looking forward to establishing his own identity, rooted within a range of diverse musical tastes. With rich Alt Rock and Pop compositions, interspersed with Hip Hop, EDM and 70’s Funk Rock, Kevynn Hudsonn hopes to continually evolve and grow. Following his newest release, Kevynn is also looking forward to unveiling an album early in 2022.



Name: Kevynn Hudsonn
Email Address: [email protected]




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