Some feel the songwriting craft is a dying art form in music as Power Pop and Rap dominate the airwaves with music that is for the most part – well not very real. But regardless of how you feel about Pop, or even Rap strong musicianship has remained strong and resultant over the years primarily in Jazz, Funk and R&B. However I must admit there is a resurgence of this type of music in bands like Dave Matthews Band, O.A.R., Take That Rusted Root and Passenger.

The music of Craymo reminds me of the aforementioned artists and bands and more. As a result its subsequent movements cannot be denied its place in our world. So I’m willing to give the 2 latest tracks by Craymo a fair shake. Clearly one the more inspiring musical stories stemming from Florida with “intellectual affirmations like “Be Myself” and rocking “Love You More.” I get the impression Craymo has been making a name for himself around the area with his soulful sound and powerful songwriting for quite some time. There are many more songs featured on his Soundclick page linked above. I mean to write songs like these takes time, and I don’t mean the time it takes to record it either. It takes time to develop yourself as a composer/songwriter – and then get to a place where you can present it to the world. Some of the pictures of Craymo renders a homest portrayal first impression and the first of the two songs “Be Myself” is a true to form Singer-Songwriter-Pop wrapped within a truthful vibe that flows extremely well track to track. It’s passionate, intricate music but goes beyond decent chops mind you. You can tell 2 minutes into the first movement via the seamless timing, amazing playing, and well honed movement you might be in for something truly special here. The second track “Love You More” is seamlessly syncopated blend of all musicians in question especially as a cohesive whole. Much more rocking and upbeat. Both songs are testament to who Craymo is as a person really. It’s also obvious to me that there’s probably a growing cult fan-base totally in love with this guy right now. In fact I will admit I love and respect everything he sings and represents – casual observations about love and live. Despite this he also shares a “real” moments” on “Be Myself”. Regardless of this, there’s a heavy dose of hope and “keep the chin up” throughput. Cover art is a bit amateurish and the mix, although adequate is not to the level of professional recordings within the genera.

Building familiarity within this style one walks away feeling like they listened to something a little truer than accustomed. If you’re a new or old rocker, then odds are you will love one of these songs. If you not familiar with the older style of rock you will become quickly acclimatized to it. It’s safe to say much of today’s music is made up entirely of these yawning melodies, repetitive themes, and superficial vocals. Some of these intangibles reflect the shallow artists themselves. Guys like Craymo are a step back and forward in the right direction simultaneously because it’s starts with a powerful song and a sincere voice delivering it to us.

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– Diana Nelson