Creating Ripples In The Dynamic Hip Hop and Rap Industry: Rising Superstar Shyerome Unearths Enthralling New Single

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Shyerome, with his newest single “Somebody”, has proven that not only does he mean business, he is also not taking any prisoners and aims to inspire with his lyrical abilities.

Houston, Texas – May 14th, 2021 – Shyerome is a rising talent who knows how important it is to put in the work and respect the grind, day in and day out. As an up-and-coming hip hop and rap phenomenon, Shyerome is more than ambitious to rise above all expectations and deliver his absolute best in every single and album. His newest single, titled “Somebody”, embodies that ambition – and the ambition of any individual working hard to pursue their dreams.

In “Somebody”, the melodic chorus lies as the crux of the entire song, and it is accompanied by a powerful and rhythmic instrumental which encompasses the listener and makes the audience feel as if they are transported into a whole new world – one wherein all their dreams are within reach and anything is possible.

Shyerome’s music is authentic. It is raw and vulnerable at the same time as it tells the real-life story (his own story) of someone building themselves from the ground up. Shyerome believes that in modern pop culture, this struggle is glorified to the extent that some people might perceive it to be attractive. He is bold about the fact that struggling is not pretty, and it is perhaps this authentic and brutally honest take in all his music that truly reverberates with his fans and community. Shyerome wants to use his music to prove to everybody that with a disciplined work ethic, no dream or reality is one that can not be obtained. Once you understand your ‘why’, he comments, your ‘how’ comes very easily to you, and there is no better embodiment of this claim than his newest venture in hip hop and pop – “Somebody”.

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As a collegiate athlete turned artist and musician, Shyerome is out on a mission to prove to the world that nothing comes close to his ability to work hard and grind daily. He truly believes that his work ethic is unparalleled, and he is using his poignant lyricism to broadcast that to the world. Shyerome aspires to share the ranks with the great names of hip hop and rap, and he wants to change the negative image people have of hip hop and rap in the process. One thing is for sure – his newest single “Somebody” certainly will not be his last.




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