Deepfall Is Radio Ready Rock


Deepfall ReviewDeepfall is a rock band out of Michigan who actually surprise. One would think that they’d have this very heavy sound, but really they were more alternative and for those into Three Doors Down. Instead of this pulsating sound, the vocals in “Karma” were more soothing than anything. He was a man who could actually sing very well and harmonically. We get a little sentimental with “Times We Had.” It is one of those songs you could hear on the radio tomorrow, for real. Then we roll on into “Do You Believe.” Here is one where the instrumentation stands out above the rest. It is a well constructed song musically, shout out for that. Lastly, “So Alone” brings it all in. It gives you that Three Doors vibe again. If they haven’t toured together, they should. They’re a perfect alt-rock match. If you like rock that has a mainstream appeal, check out Michigan’s Deepfall today. (