Demolition Amore: The New Name of Ultimate Hard Rock and Alternative Music

Demolition Amore: The New Name of Ultimate Hard Rock and Alternative Music

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Presenting the best of the rich and varied genres of Hard Rock and Alternative music, Demolition Amore are the true force to be reckoned with, as they gear up their musical expertise crafting moving and stunning musical compositions

Orlando, Florida – January 24th, 2021- Rising stars of the striking and popular genres of Alternative and hyped up Hard Rock music, the stunning Demolition Amore are a pack of wolves who know what direction to take their music in. With a peerless Grammy-awarded Production Team at the helm of their projects, Demolition Amore are set to release and bless fans and critics with their splendid upcoming, fresh and new single titled “Bloodshot Eyes”.

A refreshing new single that complements and adds on to the genres of Alternative and Hard Rock music, Demolition Amore’s stunning new song is set to become a household favorite as it releases on all mainstream platforms on 24th January 2021.

“Bloodshot Eyes” is produced by Victor Hugo Mendoza, Steve Arthur, and the very talented Leo D Swagger. With both Victor Hugo Mendoza, and Leo D Swagger working their magic on production and engineering, the song has been mixed by the Grammy awarded Eduardo Saez and the Saeztudio studio. Mastered by dbmix studios and Eduardo Martinez, the single is one that takes in all that one needs to produce and create a stunning Alternative music masterpiece which is perched upon a rich and significant message being imparted to the audiences. The upcoming single talks about society’s powerful ability to mould and control our so called “free-will” and direct us in the direction that people want like a herd of sheep or cattle subconsciously and insidiously.

“Bloodshot Eyes” enlightens audiences and listeners about how society dictates our choices such as our ability to talk, our style, dressing, what we want to do and our fears. It imparts the strong message that only once we remove the “veil” from our eyes and see the truth, we can fight to both find ourselves, and express our individuality. Working on the motive of producing music that is rocking and absolutely delightful to vibe along to, Demolition Amore are a band with multicultural roots. Leaving behind any differences on the basis of religion and culture or geography, the band has chosen to express themselves to the world. Their goal is to have fun without losing the excellence, beliefs and passion they harbour for music.




Demolition Amore is a Hard Rock band, made up of multicultural, multitalented, and well-seasoned musicians who aim to deliver a special blend of both old and new style rock to their listeners. After a highly successful debut in August 2020, the band is now ready to release its second single titled “Bloodshot Eyes”. A hard-hitting tune that is sure to have rock fans around the globe fall in love with the genre all over again.



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