DeWitt Brings Together Rich Gospel Music With Soulful Jazz

DeWitt Brings Together Rich Gospel Music With Soulful Jazz

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With his soulful and breathtakingly beautiful aria, coupled with lyricism that hits all the right spots and remains memorable long after, DeWitt is all set to become the next best thing to come out of the industry

Mebane, NC – March 5th, 2021 – An up-and-coming and talented musician and singer, Dewitt is the embodiment of today’s soul and Gospel music. Interspersing his stunning and beautifully crafted music with lyrics and songwriting that strikes and amazes, Dewitt is on the right path towards success and fame. With his blessed music compositions that act as an attempt to pay homage to the glory of Christ, Dewitt continues to amaze and inspire his fans and audiences.

With his beautiful new single titled “Victory Shall Be Mine”, Dewitt is pushing the boundaries of his own career and of Gospel and Jazz musicians and singers in the musical industry. Dewitt believes music to be his calling to provide and inspire audiences from the platform he has been endowed with, by the grace of the Lord. With his music, he aims to provide a service to the blessings that he has been provided with and recalls the mercy and grace of God through his talented music and lyricism. Dewitt’s new single also centers around the theme of working with the blessings of the Lord and standing strong in the face of trials and tribulations. His music acts as a motivational force for all listeners, as he works to revitalize the genre of Jazz and Gospel music. Dewitt is ready to inspire and take the industry by storm, as he releases more singles that follow “Victory Shall Be Mine”, and continue his message of peace, love and gratitude towards the Lord and His blessings in a unique manner.





Destined to become a musician and singer, Dewitt Johnson works ardently to make sure his talents are used in the right way. Utilizing his beautiful and talented voice- a gift to him from the Lord- Dewitt pays homage to God and in reverent honor, sings his praises in Gospel music mixed with striking Jazz. The stunning vocalist and song stylist, Dewitt Johnson describes himself only as a worshipper doing his job. Inspired and included in the halls of legends such as Luther Barnes, Bishop Paul Morton and BeBe Winans, Dewitt continues to amaze and grow his musical style, taking over the charts as a sensational new artist.

With elements of traditional, contemporary, urban, African, jazz, and other unique musical styles, Dewitt Johnson has encapsulated the true roots and essence of praise and worship. With singles such as the dynamic “Now Faith”, the soul-stirring and moving “Don’t Worry”, and the contemporary Gospel music titled “Exalt His Name”, Dewitt showcases his superior art. Armed by brilliantly penned songs, memorable orchestration, and breathtakingly stunning background vocals, Dewitt Johnson is the best to come out of the genre in recent years- guaranteed to become a roaring and raging success and icon.




Name: DeWitt Johnson
Phone Number: (336)-269-9808
Email Address: [email protected]




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