Doghouse Swine drop EP


Doghouse Swine drop EP


DogHouse Swine’s newest EP, Fearless, is an electric-infused mix of songs with killer licks and quality production. This band brings a genuine punk rock feel that is fresh and fun to listen to and they are comparable to contemporaries such as Motorhead, while vaguely reminiscent of bands like ZZ Top.

One element I did find slightly lacking for this band is the vocals. While instrumentally their music is very impressive, the lead singer’s voice is not on the same level, and therefore takes away from the overall sound they are going for. That being said, the vocals do not detract so much from the quality of this music that it’s a glaring weakness, and what it lacks there is almost completely made up in electric guitar and percussion. Still, it leaves me wondering how this band might sound with a different lead singer.

My favorite song on this EP is “Dangerous,” which starts out with a driving riff on the electric, and features a powerful hook and dynamite electric guitar solo. DogHouse Swine is good at creating songs that layer guitar, bass, drums and vocals to produce a sound that knocks you over with its power. “Dangerous” finds a way to be that powerful while being catchy at the same time.

Another song that caught my attention on this EP is “Born in a Hole.” Again, what sold me on this song is the licks and solos that combine to make a bold sound with all the drive and richness of both classic rock and punk music. While I think the lyrics and vocals are better on other songs on this EP, what makes it a front-runner for me is simply their talent instrumentally.

What strikes me most about this band is the passion that makes their music come to life. Each song on this EP contains its own energy and charisma that makes me want to experience their music live. The dynamism of their recorded music has that “get-up-and-go” quality, which is what makes live music so exciting to experience.

DogHouse Swine is made up of three members from the New Jersey/New York area and they have been together since 2009. They released their first album in 2010 after playing local gigs. A second release in 2012 revealed a fuller and bolder sound, following which DogHouse Swine began touring. They continue to pick up momentum on their tour in the United States after their latest release in 2015, the Fearless EP.


– Christen Johnson