Dojamann – by Donavan Mann

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San Antonio, Texas

  • Dojamann came along after using a different kind of name for music. Not believing the name would be so common dealing with the making cool sounds and songs, finally being discovered ( D – Money ) determined day in and out. Decided to go by the given name which is Donavan James Mann . As in the the album title Dojamann shortened the first and middle name and kept the last name to create what now currently the first album title made. Really passionate about Love, relationships, Family, Plus making a feasible living. Donavan Mann love taking fans , associates, and relatives, critical input and insert them into the titles , songs, and lyrics, claiming to give recognition to everyone who has jumped aboard his journey. Currently this being a “START” in reaching an Iconic person not only in music , also lifestyle living.
  1. Donavan Mann being very popular within in the Southern region of the U.S.A, touching nerves of different religions, cultures, and lifestyles in a positive way. By doing what practically may look easy to any character in everyday life. Helping charities of different sorts, networking within organizations, and trititasking, your reading this correct not multitasking. Trititasking with relatives , children, Work, also maintaining a career. Inspires each category stated here.
  • ” Keep it real” quoting the person that has been a great guidance, Father to Donavan
  • ” Just do it ” -Nike

Born a nineties baby mid nineties to be exact. Loves smiles and laughs.

Dojamann album named after Donavan James Mann. Using passion thoughts of a Love life , Relatives , relationships, family, friends, and fans. Mixing with freestyle rhythm and critical input.




Pop , Hip hop , Slow Jamz, Southern rap.


Name: Donavan Mann
Address: 5854 Sun Bay, San Antonio, Texas
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 2109143071
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