Downie Streahl – I’m Alright


Downie Streahl – I’m Alright


Downie Streahl, if you are not familiar with this person’s name then perhaps you should hop on that google search to see who she is. If you are not for doing so then she is an artist who performs music. What kind of music well a mix up of country, pop, pop rock, another one of those types of artists. Yes your eye rolling and boredoms is really kicking in hard for those genre listing’s am I right? Or am I right? Yes country music let alone pop music is not for everyone but it is to some out there who take a liking to the more popular based material. For Downie Streahl and her latest track called “I’m Alright”, though, it has Downie being an artist who has been singing in front of audiences for as long as she can recall really.

Since she was a small girl she was singing, doing vocal training at such a young age, well into her teen years, way into her adult life, where she is today still creating beautiful works of music. She has been around quite a bit too, as far as playing shows such as jazz clubs, where reviews were raved quite a bit in her favor going as far as Japan, she has played to sold out crowds even. Now that says a lot, Downie Streahl as an artist is something else really. Her song turned single mentioned already “I’m Alright”, is really inspiring, flawless really. It is one of those tracks you could hear a handful of times and either enjoy that much or enjoy just a respectable amount with one fair listen of a single time.

The lyrics behind “I’m Alright”, are very interesting to say the least. They discuss a time in her life, where she was alright, discussing an experience of heartache, changes, confusion, to her coming out of it all and being as the song says alright. These lyrics alone are what set up this song for what it is. They really move the song, getting to your feelings of emotion, as the lyrics fly through the song itself. It just brings the song out more, having it be more embracive to the ear.

If that is not enough, Downie as a performer is quite stunning actually. She is able to craft the lyrics and music together so well, she is able to draw the music in, to sounding way better than how it sounds on the recording, if any of that makes much sense. She is just that good of a performer, which just says so much about her as an artist and musician. She is able to craft together such creativeness with aw-inspiring work, that it leaves you smiling at times, while listening to her works.

As a matter of face, she has been featured in a wide range of works, from radio play to online play to being picked out as a featured artist of the week or month even. That is how well she is able to draw in such attention from her music skills. She may be a country pop rock artist but she is one for the books. One that will be around for quite some time to come, creating more and more music, that will be so interesting yet progressive in her works, it will turn heads to all who hear it.


Scottie Carlito