Dr. Tommy Watson Inspires Hope & Encouragement with Debut Single “Resilient”

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Charlotte, North Carolina – June 5, 2020 – The sad reality is that when it comes to our children, nearly three million of them are homeless, and even worse, almost 90% of them run the risk of dropping out by no fault of their own. It’s a problem Dr. Tommy Watson AKA Dr. Inspiration has with America, not only because he’s a former principal but because he was once close to becoming a statistic himself. Wanting to shine a light on this issue, he looked to his past to inspire the future with his debut single, “Resilient.” 

“Resilient” shines a light on this growing problem in America by taking a look at the life Dr. Tommy Watson has lived. By the time he was ready to graduate his parents had been arrested more than 100 times; 121 to be exact. Despite what he faced at home, or often times lack thereof, he found himself fighting harder and harder with each passing day. Eventually, his athleticism led him to be one of the top recruited football players at the time. From there he went on to earn a degree and eventually run a school of his own. 

If his life sounds like the plot of an inspiring tale, well it is. He wrote about his life in the award-winning book ‘A Face of Courage: The Tommy Watson Story,’ and his single “Resilient” is the title of the award-winning movie that shares the same name. This remarkable person has inspired many with his story as he’s been featured on every major TV network from ABC to NBC. With so much going on in the world that could discourage someone from achieving their dreams, especially children stuck in unfortunate situations, “Resilient” is a beautiful homage to the inner strength everyone has inside of them waiting to be released.

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For more information on Dr. Inspiration, please visit: http://www.tawatson.com 


Dr. Tommy Watson AKA Dr. Inspiration shares his debut single, “Resilient,” a song based on his experiences growing up and the adversity he faced. 

Dr. Inspiration
Dr. Tommy Watson
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Resilient: https://youtu.be/0uoZb5VUUV8
Official Site: http://www.tommyresilient.com 



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