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DreamEternalBliss music takes ’80s new wave influences and wraps them up in a fresh, modern rock style. You’ll hear and feel some classic Euro-pop influences, but DreamEternalBliss doesn’t emulate those bands. This is fresh music with a nod to the past. There are big keyboards and sultry vocals, plus outstanding guitar work that was rarely heard in the synth-heavy classic bands.

It’s not every day that a couple of respected progressive rock musicians decide to abandon their love of the long-format concept record and pursue something more commercially appealing, but that’s precisely what happened when Days Before Tomorrow founder, Scott Kahn, got together with DBT bandmate Derek Davodowich to plot the next chapter of their musical journey. If you like any of the following bands, you’ll probably enjoy DreamEternalBliss: Chvrches, Duran Duran, Keane, Berlin, Simple Minds, Roxette. On their debut EP, DEB strike a chord with heavy hitters of the 80s and some influence of the 90s thrown in with a mild progressive rock twist that makes a musically tight outfit show a lot of them how it’s done. Singer Carrie Edwards shows she can handle anything this band throws at her, even though she comes from a more theatrical background. She works it out and might have a lot of easy influences to detect but let’s be honest although they sound fresh and modern this is steeped mostly in sounds of the past to begin with.

But make no mistake they are modern and full of class and energy to spare. The EP opens with the killer lead track “This Time” which bites down hard from the word go, and it’s simply a matter of hanging on from there. Wow, this is by far out-rocks anything in its path, but take comfort in knowing it has a good couple of contenders as well. It’s important to add that when a band comes on the scene it can either be with ambition to take it by storm or merely exist. These guys are clearly of the former status, and let’s hope they continue to live up to it. They have guts, moxie and sex appeal wrapped all into one. It’s a brave combo of sounds that maintain a consistent vocal thread around them. Next up is “Home” which travels at around the same speed with some completely different dynamics driving it. You detect the same influences but another opus of their own shines right through it. At this point you know the EP delivers, and you can’t wait to hear more from where the two come, but it takes a turn or two that make it interesting. The first to be mentioned would be the outstandingly well-rounded “Die And Learn” which is obviously a play of words on live and learn, only of course the opposite meaning. It’s a clever little piece with what are probably the most diverse parts going on out of anything on the EP. This rocks but it also has great melody and features acoustic guitar which slithers in and out of the song like a snake. Great stuff. Then “Don‘t Stop” with its heavy synth drenched feel, gets a much better workout than the following track, that’s for sure. The lyrics here are cunning and the vocals follow a manic pace that helps this track to the forefront with most of the others. I love it and you will too, as this is no band to hide, so seek them out. This is one of the more accessible tracks but they all have something vibrant to offer. It hangs in there with the best of the rhythmic tracks but falls somewhere between the first two songs. That is not to call anything here repetitive, just to point out that there are some similarities that could be wider apart. But the next track is where things reach the only low point with “Unfamiliar Faces.” This is a track that could have much more depth as it makes a clear effort to compel but misses a mark or two. Not to be too critical, just to mention for every up there is always a down, and this hangs as low as the disc goes. It’s still up to their standard, just less interesting as most of it gets. If I had to drop anything it would be this one, but I would replace it rather than just omit it because the more of this the better, especially if it were a full album, even though the progressive rock edge might render it into a different category. This is all just an observation, but a rightful one at this juncture. I am much more impressed with the last track on the EP, which goes all out and makes its way back to where things began. In-fact this is as good as the opener, and could easily switch places with it and not be noticed. “Leave Me Be” is a gem by a band who sound like they can do no wrong. They have a high-end sound if that describes it. Killer guitars and drums all over the album with a thick pulsating bass and magnificent percussion. And the vocals almost lose you in beauty as they scrawl her signature all over them.

This EP is nearly flawless in every way, and should take DEB well into a follow-up that could have them taking off and never looking back. But it does have a bump or two in the road, depending on keen enough ears to catch it. Otherwise it’s a total knock out.

Cory Frye

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Mnf5npD0yA