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Los Angeles, California — Dizzy O’Brian announces the release of his latest project, The Electra Suite. The Electra Suite is a collection of six electric/EDM music tracks, loosely based on the Greek plays about the character Electra.

This release begins with the fourth track, ‘The Bright One,’ set to hit Spotify and most other major platforms on March 18th, 2024. The name ‘Electra’ means ‘The Bright One.’ This is a new take on the original story of Electra, just as this track is a new take on the genre EDM.

In talking about the new project, Dizzy said; “The original story of Electra bothered me, being a tragedy and all. I saw the character as a dark heroine, reclaiming her birthright from a suppressive force, hence it became an ideal story line for a more experimental sort of EDM.

Overall, The Electra Suite presents the character Electra as a powerful woman who takes control of her destiny. No doubt this was the intent of the original story, but the Greek plays became watered down by the insertion of the propaganda of that day and the need for apologetic endings.

‘The Bright One’ was chosen as the initial release because this track summed up the new look at this story. The other tracks in the suite will be following shortly behind this one.

Watch for the release of ‘The Bright One’ on March 18th and be ready for the other tracks all on Spotify.




Dizzy O’Brian is a classically trained musician who composes music by drawing on a large palette of musical styles. He infuses this broad style of writing into every track he produces. Visit his Official Artist Blog


Dizzy O’Brian
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