Elevating the R&B Scene with a Soulful and Electric Solo EP- Tony Evans X to Release ‘More Than a Feeling’

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With heartfelt music and a thriving record, Tony Evans X continues to cement his place as a prolific talent and inspire generations of budding artists

Chicago, IL —April 3rd, 2023 –An unparalleled leading frontman of Creative Revolution Collective, Tony Evans has risen in the Chicago R&B scene, and is making waves with his upcoming solo EP, “More Than A Feeling.”

The eclectic artist recently dropped his album with Creative Revolution Collective, titled, “The Beginning: Volume 1” and hopes to continue his awe-inspiring musical trajectory.

A seasoned artist, Tony Evans X has been making music since his early days of singing in the church. At a young age, Tony Evans X was encouraged by his parents to pursue classical training throughout high school and college, and his gospel roots and classical influences continue to shimmer through his tracks.

Underscored by Pop, Rock, and Soul undertones, Tony’s new single is an emblem of his own spiritual growth and journey, and is according to him, his favourite project to-date.

Depicting his dynamism and impressive vocal range, Tony Evans’ new single is set to drop on April 7th, 2023, and is bound to give audiences a taste of what’s to come. He is confident that the upcoming track will inspire and heal the marginalized individuals, uplifting their spirits with positivity.

In addition to his music career, Tony provides operational support to Creative Revolution, which is a recording label and artist collective. Along with his close friends and label mates, Chèri Soul and JeradeTheDrummer, they have been producing and writing music over the last 5 years.

Tony understands the challenges that artists face in the contemporary industry, particularly in terms of financial support and marketing, but remains optimistic about the future of music, especially with the endless possibilities that technology has brought.

He believes that artists can expand their reach to areas of the world that were once impossible, and that leveraging technology is essential for success in today’s industry.

With “More Than a Feeling,” fans can expect soulful grooves and powerful vocals that capture the essence of Tony’s journey as an artist.

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Tony Evans X is a Chicago-based producer, recording artist and songwriter. He is the founder of Creative Revolution and has been in the professional entertainment industry for over 15 years as a vocalist, songwriter, and activist.

Tony is a classically trained baritone with an extended falsetto range and has been in several notable music groups while attending college at Indiana University such as the the Grammy-nominated Singing Hoosiers, The African American Choral Ensemble and Soul Revue which is America’s first and finest collegiate Black popular music ensemble. Tony uses his classical soul based training to deliver a strong soulful sound with undertones of gospel, with a focus on healing music.

He continues to collaborate with other artists who share the same mission to build community resilience and delivers a wide range of professional expertise as an industry professional. Tony has been fostering innovative development and creativity and has successfully established Creative Revolution as a thriving recording label.


Tony Evans X
Name: Anthony Johnson
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 224-258-7118


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tonyevansmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tonyevansxmusic/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcbU8P13KpaWuy74LvE7Ksg
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/67KV0d2QMPsWO4DNJ6wHN0?si=lgxzsAHQQLOQE2-APbXSBA&nd=1


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