Embarking on a Riveting Journey of Resilience – Felicia Taylor Presents Debut Album “Reflections”

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Survivor and songstress, Felicia Taylor unveils her new record “Reflections,” a unique confluence of Pop, R&B, and Electronica

Woodbine, Maryland —”Reflections” represents Felicia Taylor’s undying passion for music and her commitment to sharing her story. Each song in the album is a testament to her survival and a celebration of life.

The artist’s music defies conventional categorization, blending pop, R&B, electronic, and hip-hop elements in a way that mirrors her own distinctive personality. Listeners of her music weave a deep connection with the emotions conveyed through her music, finding solace and joy in her heartfelt melodies and rhythms.

Taylor’s spiritual nature and positive outlook are the driving forces behind her music. Her journey, marked by significant challenges, including her heart transplant, serves as an inspiration for every note she writes and sings. Her next project, a spiritual album, aims to continue this legacy of inspiration and positivity, spreading happiness through her harmonious creations.

With “Reflections,” Felicia Taylor aims to reach an audience far and wide, hoping to inspire those who have faced similar battles. The artist’s music undergirds a message which is one of self-belief and the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. Her motto, a reflection of her own life philosophy, represents a call to action for anyone on the cusp of realizing their potential.

Felicia Taylor hails from the rich musical backdrop of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where she cultivated her passion for music from a young age. Having released seven singles and collaborated with renowned artists like Shirley Manson and Danny Kortchmar, Taylor’s experience in the industry is as diverse as her musical influences. From the legends of pop and soul to contemporary icons, her inspirations are as eclectic as her sound.

Taylor’s voice, imbued with the depth of her experiences and the breadth of her influences, promises to captivate listeners and take them on a journey through her life’s tapestry. Her upcoming album, “Reflections,” invites listeners to discover the healing power of music and the transformative experiences that shape our lives.

Stream “Reflections” on the artist’s official website and Spotify and discover the world of Felicia Taylor through the gateway of her soul-stirring music! Connect with Felicia Taylor to experience the unique blend of genres, the emotional resonance of her music, and to be a part of her continuing story of creativity and courage.



Emerging from Woodbine, Maryland, Felicia Taylor introduces her debut album “Reflections” to the world, a project born from the depths of personal triumph and unyielding determination. Taylor, a heart transplant survivor, has infused her music with the essence of her resilience, crafting a sound that is both unique and intimately relatable.

“Reflections” is the culmination of a five-year odyssey of meticulous crafting with the help of esteemed industry professionals like Lenny Bernstein and the mastering engineers from Mastering.com. Taylor’s music resonates with listeners on a profound level, making them feel seen and offering a shared experience through the eclectic soundscape of her album. Standing apart from the mainstream, Felicia Taylor represents an iconoclast in the music industry, her individuality shining through in each track.


Felicia Taylor
Name: Felicia Taylor
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070760004268&mibextid=ZbWKwL
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/felicia_taylor_78?igsh=d2Y5ODIwYzVjem90
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@FeliciaT77?si=Qjiuji2YswVQraj6
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6U2ZjQzzixmO7geh8MZsrk?si=U-JZMUqpSyKlaIMnyAzD3Q


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