Embracing Authentic Western Rhythms with Soulful Acoustic Tracks: Award-Winning Artist Doug Figgs Unveils New Album

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Titled, “Yellow Horse”, Doug Figg’s latest album presents a blend of mellow Acoustic rhythms and captivating Hard driving music- each single being purely Western

Lemitar, New Mexico — January 2nd  , 2022- A soul-stirring and immersive release, Doug Figgs’ latest album showcases a characteristic blend of diverse musical styles and influences, packaged in his own distinct manner. Titled, “Yellow Horse”, the new album exudes a rustic yet vibrant Western style, and was released by the multiple award-winning Western artist on August 20th , 2021.

Produced and recorded by Butch Hause at “Ranger Station Studios” in Berthoud, Colorado, the new single has already been met with numerous critically acclaimed reviews and accolades. A true testament to the artist’s multi-faceted talents and authentic Western ethos, the new album boasts singles such as, “Ways of Another Time”, “Sacramentos”, and “40 Acres And A Mule”.

The title track, “Yellow Horse”, was inspired by a Wyoming wild horse stallion named “Desert Dust”. He was captured in the Wyoming Red Desert in 1945 by Frank “Wild Horse” Robbins and a photograph was taken of “Desert Dust” by Verne Wood. This photo instantly became a symbol of the plight of the wild horse in the American West. Along with other singles on the album, these tracks present to listeners a perceptive and profound view of life and its many divergent paths. Staying true to his cowboy roots, the artist’s new album takes listeners down nostalgia road, while also delivering enthralling rhythms in tracks such as the Doug Figgs and Mariam Funke collaboration- “You’re The One”.

Being a celebrated and distinguished Western songwriter who has delivered a varied palette of musical songs across genres, Doug Figgs is a seasoned name within the industry. Focusing upon the simplicity of life, such as narrations on horses, the artist’s music always remains an enchanting treat for listeners.

Inspired by the cowboy/Western life, Doug Figgs intricately writes songs from his own personal experiences, while also drawing influences from the history of the West. He has performed his music all over the West and continues to churn out his own variety of Western music – from hard driving music with a tinge of southern rock, to beautiful ballads, and everything in between.

The IWMA Songwriter Of The Year Award- winner manifests a characteristic songwriting and performance prowess which is linked to his passion and profession of being a farrier, trainer, and breeder. Figgs’ single, “El Caballo del Fuego”, composed by him, Floyd Beard and Mariam Funke is an example of a song that vividly paints the picture of a horse with a burning, bright, fire-like presence. This “Wrangler Award” winning song can be found on the “Cowboy Way” album “Doin’ What We Do”.

The artist independently wrote and co-wrote 11 of the 12 songs on his new CD, ‘Yellow Horse’, and hopes to share his talents with fans of the genre, across territories.

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Doug Figgs is a formidable name within the Acoustic, Western, and Soul musical worlds. An AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier, a devoted and diligent cowboy, and a Western music singer and songwriter, Figgs has years of experience in the music industry, having garnered numerous accolades and awards for himself.

Hailing from Lemitar, New Mexico, the artist’s compelling tracks remain rooted within his own background, passions, and life stories. For his brilliant compositions, Doug Figs has received a plethora of music awards including two “Wrangler Awards” from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.


Doug Figgs
Name: Doug Figgs
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