Enin Perryman Rings In The Holidays With ‘The Soul Of Christmas’

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Atlanta, Georgia – November 7, 2019 – Enin Perryman has one goal this holiday season and that’s for everyone to bring real music back into the mix while delivering heartfelt R&B with beautiful gospel elements on his 2019 release, ‘The Soul of Christmas.’

Much like the ‘The 12 Days of Christmas,’ Enin Perryman’s ‘The Soul of Christmas’ is jam-packed with a dozen songs that will invigorate listeners and get them ready for the holidays. Songs like “Home for Christmas” and “Single at Christmas” are wonderful additions to anyone’s holiday traditions. The latter being reminiscent of Emotions’ hit single, “What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas,” it offers a warm embrace during this time of year for those who need it.

Enin Perryman’s ‘The Soul of Christmas’ is out in part due to Chicago Executives MTM label and promises to bring real, soulful R&B back this holiday season. A unique talent that draws from a myriad of styles as well as his personal highs and lows, he’s been performing since he was five-years-old and is a proud Gulf War Veteran who served his time for his country.

Those interested in adding new holiday music to their playlists, reviewing the album, or interviewing Enin Perryman can reach out via the information provided below.

For more information on Enin Perryman, visit: https://www.chicago-executives.com/


Enin Perryman is bringing real R&B back to the masses this holiday season with the release of his new Christmas album from Chicago Executives MTM, ‘The Soul of Christmas.’

Enin Perryman
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Official Site: https://www.eninperryman.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/reveninperryman
Instagram: https://instagram.com/dr.eninperryman/
Bandcamp: https://eninperryman.bandcamp.com/releases


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