Enthralling Audiences with Uplifting Tunes and Anticipated Releases – Soulful Sensation Rosie V Empress Presents “It Has to Happen Now”

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From stirring anthems to emotion-fueled song covers, Rosie V Empress takes the center stage as a talented force to reckon with

Stockholn, Stockholn, Sweden —Rosie V Empress, the creative force behind soulful tunes that resonate with positivity and emotion, is making waves in the music industry. Known for her uplifting song “It Has To Happen Now,” Rosie V Empress invites audiences to experience her unique musical journey at rosievempress.com.

With a new release on the horizon, a cover of the 80’s classic “Time After Time,” and a recent piano album titled “Momentum Is Now,” Rosie V Empress is poised to capture hearts and ears around the globe.

The eclectic artist’s music is a celebration of positivity, evident in the vibrant and upbeat anthem “It Has To Happen Now.” Collaborating with singer Bebe, Rosie delivers a feel-good track that spreads optimism and joy. The song’s infectious energy is a testament to Rosie V Empress’s ability to craft tunes that resonate with audiences seeking uplifting and empowering music.

Looking ahead, Rosie V Empress is set to release a cover of the 80’s hit “Time After Time” in February 2024. The song promises a unique interpretation of enduring love and loyalty, with Rosie infusing her distinctive style into the heartfelt ballad.

Drawing inspiration from the original, Rosie V Empress’s cover adds emotional depth and a melodic delivery that is sure to captivate listeners. The release date, strategically set for February 14, aligns with the romantic theme of the cover, making it a perfect addition to Valentine’s Day playlists.

Beyond her singles, Rosie V Empress showcases her versatility with the recent release of the piano album “Momentum Is Now.” Designed for moments of calm, relaxation, and reading, the album demonstrates Rosie’s ability to create music that transcends genres and moods. Available on various streaming services, “Momentum Is Now” highlights Rosie V Empress’s dedication to providing listeners with diverse and enriching musical experiences.

As an artist who thrives on inspiration, Rosie V Empress shares insights into her creative process. Working mostly alone on her compositions, she values taking time to refine and perfect her work. Collaborating with singer Bebe for “It Has To Happen Now” marked a successful foray into having others interpret her songs. Rosie expresses eagerness for future collaborations, aiming to find collaborators who can help bring out the best in her unreleased material.

For fans eager to connect with Rosie V Empress’s music, her tracks are available on popular streaming platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, Boomplay, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. Stay updated on her musical journey, releases, and collaborations by following Rosie V Empress on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram!



Rosie V, a seasoned musician with a background in choir singing and piano playing, embarked on a musical journey inspired by legends like Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder to name a few. The discovery of songwriting became a pivotal moment, leading to the creation of original compositions that span genres and themes. With a goal to share her creations and covers that she passionately loves to perform, Rosie V Empress continues to make her mark in the music landscape.

As Rosie looks toward the future, her unwavering passion for music fuels a commitment to spreading her unique sound and connecting with audiences worldwide. Whether through uplifting anthems or emotional covers, Rosie V Empress invites music enthusiasts to join her on this captivating and soulful musical voyage.


Rosie V Empress
Name: Rosie V Empress
Email: [email protected]


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosie_v_empress/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rosievempress
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@rosievempress555
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/rosie-v-empress


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