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Demanding change and pushing back against marginalization through rap and hip hop

Brooklyn, New York – March 15th, 2021 – Change is now, demands the artist who goes by the name, The Messenger. Activism-oriented and with a strong purpose inspiring his music journey, the singer/songwriter has taken to a mix of hip hop and rap styles to express his frustrations on people of color’s continued marginalization. With a particular focus on black and brown people, the artist’s lyrical content is based on themes such as resistance, love, loss, and change.

Rap music has always been a form of expression, resistance to oppression and discrimination, and a means to relay the day-to-day lived experiences of black people to the world. The rapper’s music strongly borrows from this tradition. For example, his song, ‘Family Legacy,’ which can be found here, is based on a man’s bond with his family. What makes this song expressive and filled with emotions is that The Messenger draws upon his personal experiences in the family sphere and links them to the position of both the father and the son. This song will touch the listener’s heart and remind them of love, loss, and bonds that go down generations, while the other song, ‘Coming After You,’ hits a different chord. This ability to produce differing but compelling content is illustrative of the artist’s versatility. In this song, the lyrical content focuses on pushing back, resisting, and fighting for one’s space. As expected, the music is saturated with emotions due to the purpose that it intends to serve – a call for immediate change.

In more recent news, the emcee is set to release a new single on March 19th. A collaborative work, the video is shot with Juny and Kimmie – the two belonging to an organization called Riders for Black Lives. The artist is grateful to James Macdougal for his resourcefulness and overall support in introducing him to the organization. The clothes and masks for this video were provided by Loretta Goodlett, founder of Crushin it Clothing, and Najee Henderson did the production.
(https://airbit.com/profile/NajeeJHenderson) Lastly, The Messenger is also grateful to Sunderland and Associates LLC for their immense and numerous contributions especially for the video shoot.

For more information on The Messenger’s music, please visit this website. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel, follow him on IG @themessenger______, and find him on FB @The Messenger87.






Songwriting since the age of nine, The Messenger has a distinct flow and voice that draws from his favorite artists, including Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Redman, Biggie, Wu-Tang, and others. However, there is a versatility to his style that crosses many of the existing hip-hop genres.

The artist plans on releasing a project such as a mixtape or an album this year. Podcasts are also in the works at this very moment and will be music-based.




The Messenger

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Main website: https://linktr.ee/TheMessenger

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU5QD-Evb3rbc4eTarzu-Nw

Other: https://themessenger.hearnow.com/

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