Escape Sequence: Escape Sequence


Escape Sequence ReviewDown in Jacksonville, Florida sits a trio of young men who have faces that look like the next fresh faced pop punk outlet. Instead they go a bit harder than you’d expect. Escape Sequence’s self-titled record doesn’t start out that way though. “The Beginning” is so soft and quick that you might miss it if your mind wandered elsewhere for even a second. Then we’re introduced to the meat of the record with “To The End.” It’s a bit Breaking Benjamin with that heavier rock influence matched with audible vocals. Right in the middle “Takedown” begins is really showcasing that metal sound in the instrumentation. Again, those vocals come across nice and give us that nu-metal feel. Closing out this record is “Different Way” with its adrenaline based ways. If you’re a fan of Breaking Benjamin and Trapt then you’ll be in good hands giving yourself over to Escape Sequence. If this sounds like your scene, check out their self-titled, out now. (