Exciting, Riveting, and Electrifying Beats – Rising Electronic DJ Squorbit Presents Debut Album \”Sugar Circuits\”

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Launching his original music campaign on Kickstarter and debuting an all-original, unprecedented album, Squorbit is set to take EDM by storm

Long Island, New York —December 31st, 2023 – As anticipation builds for Squorbit’s debut album, “Sugar Circuits,” released on December 23rd, listeners can expect a fusion of funky sounds and dance grooves that transport them into a realm crafted from the future. Squorbit’s unique approach echoes a romantic energy inspired by classic tracks of the past, creating an electronic journey that stands apart from the norm.

Beyond the auditory experience, Squorbit is set to enrich his artistic narrative through a multifaceted approach. The debut album is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a visual and immersive journey. The release is accompanied by music videos, visualizers, performance videos, and a promise of gigs and live broadcast mixes. Squorbit envisions a future that involves not just the creation of music but an interactive and engaging experience for his growing community of fans.

Simultaneously, the burgeoning EDM and electronic music sensation, invites music enthusiasts to embark on a thrilling journey with the recent launch of his website, www.squorbitmusic.com.

An eclectic artist, Squorbit is also gearing up for the launch of the Squorbit Music Kickstarter campaign on January 1st, 2024. As an artist with an unwavering passion for connecting with a global audience, Squorbit seeks to elevate the music experience through unique releases and engaging multimedia content.

The Kickstarter campaign promises an array of physical rewards, including Limited Edition CDs, Vinyls, and more, offering fans an opportunity to own exclusive Squorbit memorabilia. With a goal to amass fans worldwide and share his music on a broader scale, Squorbit envisions a vibrant community rallying behind his creative endeavors.

The journey doesn’t end with the album release; Squorbit envisions a broader horizon, including potential tours and travel. His love for music, coupled with a genuine connection with his audience, drives him to continually produce unique music in varying styles.

As Squorbit unleashes “Sugar Circuits” and launches the Kickstarter campaign, music enthusiasts are invited to follow and engage on Instagram and YouTube, becoming part of a community that celebrates the boundless possibilities of EDM and electronic music!



Emerging on the EDM/electronic music scene in 2021, Squorbit brings a fresh wave of energy, creativity, and innovation. The artist’s musical journey begins with a computer, where he meticulously crafts tracks from scratch using real instruments and exclusively self-recorded samples. Evolving beyond the digital realm, Squorbit incorporates synths and drum machine hardware, enriching his sound for a more distinct and immersive experience.

Drawing inspiration from genre giants like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Skrillex, Squorbit’s sonic landscape is not confined to electronic influences alone. The eclectic mix of Korn, Digitalism, and Drummatic Twins further shapes his musical palette, resulting in tracks that are varied, exciting, and unpredictable.


Name: Joe
Email: [email protected]


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/squorbit
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/squorbit


Source: ArtistPR

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