Exhilarating Folk and Acoustic Storytelling with Uncle Barnaby’s ‘Better World’

Exhilarating Folk and Acoustic Storytelling with Uncle Barnaby’s ‘Better World’

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The Vietnam veteran turned musician combines emotionally-rich chronicles from his past in his new album

Denver, Colorado – March 30, 2021 – To be aware of the world we live in, the world we fight for, and the world we continue to hold close to our hearts, all of these factors combined create the concept of Uncle Barnaby’s new album ‘Better World’

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, and Folk artist David Stumph, also known as Uncle Barnaby, brings together experiences of today with those dating back to his time in the Vietnam war in 1968. For this album, Uncle Barnaby produced the compositions along with contributions of Richard Raitano and Joel McIntire for backing vocals; Judy Parker and John Mathis on the harmonica; Steve Ellis on guitar, mandolin, dobro, and pedal steel and lap steel guitars; and Albert Tedechi on drums.

‘Better World’ was penned by Uncle Barnaby, with co-writing contributions by Richard Raitano and Judy Parker, during various stages of his life, depicting anecdotes from his return from the war, the ups and downs of life after, wrapped up with social issues including political awareness and accountability.

Uncle Barnaby creates a whirlpool of ethereal and dystopian emotions with his compositions, including the support of introspective lyrics, lush and mesmerizing beats, and well-rounded use of a unique variety of instruments. His music is a reminder that regardless of the obstacles we face, a new day lies ahead. Yet, as the memories remain, we must accept them for what they are, and work to become a better version of ourselves.

Uncle Barnaby continues to shape memoirs from his life into verses that others can listen to and take away from in their own spaces and time. He is writing and producing more music for release in the near future, hoping that audiences will enjoy his perspective on the world and life as we know it.

‘Better World’ is now available on CD and streaming sites, with tracks you must look forward to including “October Rain” by David Stumph and Richard Raitano, “Somewhere in Colorado” by David Stumph and Judy Parker, and “When youLose Somebody” by David Stumph.

Discover the art of storytelling through harmony by Uncle Barnaby here!






David Stumph, also known as Uncle Barnaby, is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Denver, Colorado. He formed a band by the name of Uncle Barnaby in 1969 with a fellow veteran Richard Raitano, but soon enough went on a hiatus. Forty years later, after establishing his career in business, he came back to pursue what he truly loved, music. Carrying on the legacy of the band’s name and music, David started writing again with the help of Richard Raitano. After releasing his studio album, he began performing as a duo with Judy Parker, also known as The Jude around Denver and beyond, giving his audience a taste of his dynamic and riveting discography.

David Stumph’s style and sound is an enigmatic mix of heartfelt acoustic arrangements, with finely-calibrated Folk, all tied together with progressive lyrics that take you through a journey




Name: Uncle Barnaby
11735 Gray Street
Westminster, Colorado 80020
United States
Email: [email protected]





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